Fall 2022

Section 0320 of CHLD51
Principles and Practices of Early Childhood Education -- : Aug 15 - Dec 09 2022
This section meets every Monday 6:00PM-8:00PM face-to-face, and has an online component.

Section 0334 of CHLD10
Child Growth and Development -- : Aug 15 - Dec 09 2022

Section 1843 of CHLD90.1
Child, Family, Community Interrelationships -- : Aug 15 - Dec 09 2022

Spring 2022

Section 4452 of CHLD90.2
Observation and Assessment of Young Children -- : Jan 25 - Jan 25 2022

Section 5007 of CHLD90.4
Introduction to Curriculum -- : Jan 20 - Jan 20 2022

Section 7652 of CHLD51
Principles and Practices of Early Childhood Education -- : Jan 19 - Jan 19 2022

No office hours
I began my career with children in Fresno, California, as preschool teacher and educational director of Fresno Montessori School. While there, I established a Montessori Toddler Program. When our family moved to Santa Rosa, California, I began to teach at Brush Creek Montessori School. There I taught in the primary classroom, ages 6-9 (grades 1-3) for 15 years. In 1993, my husband and I became joint owners and directors of the school. We converted the school to a non-profit school in 1998.

During this time I became a consultant for the American Montessori Society, presented many workshops for parents, and developed and taught classes to train staff working in Montessori Schools.

While in Fresno, I taught classes in Montessori Education at Fresno City College, in the Child Development Department. These classes were for teachers in preschools throughout the Fresno area, to assist them in applying Montessori methods and philosophy to their own programs. The classes came about through my association with NAEYC in the Central Valley.

I have taught children from 2-13, in classrooms, summer camps, and special programs. I have also directed many musical programs, and drama productions for children, and developed and led art and natural science programs for children. I have also raised a wonderful daughter who followed her interests and became a professional ballerina, graduated from Berkeley, and became a successful event planner.