No office hours

Not currently teaching any semester-length classes but I'm still at the SRJC police academy.

Master's of Public Administration 1993
Cal State Long Beach

Bachelor's of Criminal Justice 1988
Cal State Long Beach

Vince has been with SRJC since 2006. He has mostly been teaching at the Public Safety Training Center in a variety of disciplines for the basic and extended format police academies, field training officer school, custody academy, park ranger academy and animal control academy.  In 2009, he began to teach semester-length classes (AJ21, AJ52, AJ53 and AJ55) at the Santa Rosa and Petaluma Campuses.

Vince began his career with the El Segundo Police Department as a police cadet in 1984. In 1989, he graduated from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department's academy and began a rewarding career as a deputy sheriff in LA. After many worthwhile assignments, he left in 1999 and moved to Sonoma County and began his career with the Sonoma County Sheriff's Department. He served as a detective, FTO and finished his uniform career on graveyard shift patrol.  Vince is currently a California State Investigator with the DMV, investigating a variety of crimes that have a connection to DMV.

Vince has been working with the State of California on developing and revising academy testing and training standards for police officers throughout the state.

Vince also teaches fitness classes at local gyms and believes in living a healthy lifestyle.  He also enjoys spending time with his two beautiful daughters. They love country living in west Sonoma County and enjoy the theater and all manner of outdoor activities.