Fall 2024

Section 0283 of ENGL1A
College Composition -- : Aug 19 - Dec 13 2024

Section 0287 of ENGL1A
College Composition -- : Aug 19 - Dec 13 2024

Summer 2024

Section 8628 of ENGL1A
College Composition -- : Jun 17 - Aug 11 2024

Spring 2024

Section 6238 of ENGL5
Advanced Composition and Critical Thinking -- : Mar 25 - May 17 2024

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The Wright Institute

2019 Master of Arts, Counseling Psychology


California State University, Northridge

2000 Master of Arts, English Literature

1995 Bachelor of Arts, English Literature


Academic Experience

A San Francisco native Los Angelino, former Berkeleyite and now Marinite, Tristan (MA, AMFT) has been instructing College English as an adjunct at more than ten California Community Colleges and two California State Universities. He has just earned his MA (2019) in Counseling Psychology from The Wright Institute in Berkeley. He enjoys incorporating into his college reading and writing courses pro-social Happiness Practices learned from the edx MOOC “The Science of Happiness,” giving college students the opportunity to practice their academic habits of mind and critical thinking skills as they summarize and analyze articles about gratitude, altruism, compassion, empathy, forgiveness, happiness, and mindfulness. Other reading and writing themes include Food, Nature, Mind, and Environment. He has also participated in an MA program in live-food nutrition under world-leading, live-food medical doctor and spiritual nutrition expert, Gabriel Cousens.  He continues to discover the need for deeper knowledge in wellbeing and participated in a 200-hour yoga teacher training at Yoga Mountain Studio in Fairfax, CA.  He enjoys being in nature, playing drums, and writing poetry.

Work and Consulting Experience
Professional Areas of Interest

Mental well-being

Mind, Body, and Environment; Social Justice; Aesthetics




Professional Involvement and Community Service

Marriage and Family Therapist Registered Associate at Holos Institute, home of Ecopsychology, in San Francisco.