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Introduction to Mass Communication -- : Aug 21 - Dec 13 2017

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Introduction to Mass Communication -- : Aug 23 - Dec 13 2017

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Introduction to Mass Communication -- : Aug 21 - Dec 13 2017

Summer 2017

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Introduction to Mass Communication -- : May 31 - Jul 12 2017

Spring 2017

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Ph.D. in Humanities with concentration in
Transformative Learning and Change
California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco

M.A. in Cinema Studies
San Francisco State University

B.A. in Broadcast and Electronic Communication Art (Media Studies)
San Francisco State University

Academic Experience: 

Adjunct Faculty, Media Studies, Santa Rosa College:
Introduction to Mass Communications, Film History, Introduction to Film,
(August 2006 - present)

Faculty, PhD in Interdisciplinary Studies
Union Institute & University:
Visual Culture, Engaging Difference, New Media & Social Change

Faculty, Humanities, Kaplan University:
Bioethics (online), Ethics (online), Art and Humanities: Twentieth Century and Beyond (online)
(December 2008 Ѕ█__ present)

Co-director of Modern Media Project at Hutchins School of Liberal Arts, Sonoma State University
(Spring 2010 Ѕ█__ present)

Associate Professor (Adjunct), Language Arts Division, College of San Mateo:
Introduction to Film, Film History, Screenwriting, American Culture/Cinema (online), Digital Experimental Filmmaking, Film Noir, World Cinema, Middle-Eastern Cinema
(June 2001 - July 2010)

Dissertation Advisor, School of Humanities & Culture
The Union Institute & University
(Fall 2010 Ѕ█__ present)

Adjunct Faculty/Dissertation Reader/Advisor, Department of Transformative Studies (online program), California Institute of Integral Studies
(Summer 2008 Ѕ█__ present)

External Dissertation Advisor, School of Education
The Fielding University
(Fall 2008 Ѕ█__ present)

Adjunct Faculty, Humanities, University of Phoenix (Axia College--online)
Introduction to Humanities, Pop Culture and The Arts, Media Influences on American Culture
(October 2009 Ѕ█__ present)

Lecturer, Department of Cinema, San Francisco State University:
Introduction to Cinema Studies, Critical Studies
(Jan 2001- Aug 2005)

Tony Kashani, Ph.D. is adjunct professor of Media Studies at SRJC and a faculty member at Union Institute & University in the PhD program in Humanities and Culture. A co-director of Modern Media Project at Hutchins School of Liberal Arts (Sonoma State University), he is a scholar member of GSA (Global Studies Association). Aside from many scholarly articles, Dr. Kashani is the author of two editions of Deconstructing the Mystique: An Interdisciplinary Introduction to Cinema, (2009, Kendall/Hunt Press) a textbook used at various universities in the US. He is also the co-editor and contributor of Hollywood__s Exploited (2010, Palgrave MacMillan Press), and is editor/contributor of Lost in Media: The Ethics of Everyday Life (Forthcoming, Peter Lang Press) and co-author of From Empire to Cyber Age: An Introduction to Arts & Culture of Iran (Forthcoming, Kendall/Hunt Press).
Dr. Kashani has collaborated with the world renowned philosopher of pedagogy Henry A. Giroux, and the long time Native American feminist scholar/activist Annette Jaimes-Guerrero in projects regarding media pedagogy and representation of Native American women in the media.
A trilingual interdisciplinary thinker, Tony is a black belt (Shodan) in Karate (Shotokan) and regularly practices the art to achieve a mind-body-spirit balance. He lives with his family in San Francisco.

Dr. Kashani's Website:

Professional Areas of Interest: 

Humanities, Media Studies, Ethics, Global Cultural Studies, Philosophy & Psychology of Art, East-West Philosophy/Psychology, Postcolonial Theory, Political Philosophy, Cosmopolitanism, Planetary Complexity, Film History, Electronic Media and Social Justice, Curriculum Design, Digital Communication Theory, Mass Communications, Qualitative Research Methods, Critical Pedagogy, Cyber Journalism, Digital Filmmaking

Presentations and Publications: 


From Empire to Cyber Age: An Introduction to Arts and Culture of Iran
Co-author, Forthcoming Kendall/Hunt Publishing

Lost in Media: Ethics of Everyday Life
Co-editor and Contributor, Forthcoming Peter Lang Press

Hollywood's Exploited: Corporate Movies, Public Pedagogy and Cultural Crisis
Co-editor and Contributor, 2010 Palgrave MacMillan Press

Deconstructing the Mystique: An Introduction to Cinema
Kendall/Hunt Publishing (
2nd Edition, 2009 ISBN 978-0-7575-6023-1
1st Edition, 2005 ISBN 0-7575-1940-7

Essays & Articles

The Transformative Intellectual: An Examination of Henry Giroux__s Ethics
Forthcoming, Policy Futures in Education Journal

Dissident Cinema: Defying the Logic of Globalization. Essay in Global Studies Association 2007 Annual Book
(2008. Changemaker Press).

300: Proto-fascism and Manufacturing of Complicity Published April, 2007
Under review at Film Quarterly

Complex Cinema: Becoming Dissident Cinema Published January, 2007

The Truman Show: Cinema of Active Imagination. A Jungian Analysis.
CG Jung Center Published July, 2005Translated to French & published in Les Cahiers Jungiens de Psychanalyse, France, 2007ISBN 9782915781137

Hollywood an Agent of Hegemony: The War Film
Alternative Press Review (August 2004)
Dissident Voice ( August 2004)
Translated to Polish & published in Kultura Popularna Journal, Poland, 2005
Translated to Farsi & Published in Golestaneh Scholarly Journal, Iran, 2007

Faces of Islam: Debunking Orientalism, Why I am not a terrorist
College Newspaper: College of San Mateo (April 2004)

Digital Media:Two Emerging Philosophies
Cinema Trade: Monthly Magazine in Tehran, Iran (April 2003 issue)


Guest Speaker, Modern Media Dialogue Series at Sonoma State University
Neoliberalism and the Media
February 10, 2010

Guest Speaker, Diversity in Action Group at College of San Mateo
Palestine/Israel: Conflict with Global Implications
Film Screening (Occupation 101), analysis, and Dialogue (May, 2009)

Guest Lecturer, Union University EdD Program
Media and Media Culture

Lecturer, Radical Philosophy Association Eight Biennial Conference,
San Francisco State University.
Presentation: Cinema For Transformation: Towards a Pedagogy of Social Change

Honors and Awards: