Fall 2022

Section 2087 of OA505
Discussion Group -- : Sep 08 - Dec 15 2022
“This Forgiveness and Meditation” class offers forgiveness practices and meditation to resolve past emotional burdens and create more freedom for your life now. Class includes large group discussion, short films, forgiveness practices, meditation and small group breakout rooms. The instructor Dr. Siota Belle, PhD will help you enroll. For more information email sbelle@santarosa.edu.

Section 2093 of OA505
Discussion Group -- : Sep 09 - Dec 16 2022
This class is based on evolving nutrition research to reverse the early stages of Alzheimer's and enhance or restore your brain's ability to think more clearly, enjoy better memory and focus and more balanced moods. Together we will create a plan that you can do at home-tailored to your individual needs. Instructor Dr. Siota Belle, PhD will help you enroll. For more information email sbelle@santarosa.edu.

Spring 2022

Section 6098 of OA505
Discussion Group -- : Jan 21 - May 27 2022
Class focuses on brain nutrition.

Section 7029 of OA505
Discussion Group -- : Jan 20 - May 05 2022
Class focuses on forgiveness and meditation.

No office hours

Please call to make an appointment. 707-566-6895

B.A in Poetry and Painting

MS and Ph D in Clinical Nutrition

B.A in Classical Homeopathy

Board Certified in Clinical Nutrition, Classical Homeopathy, Jyin Shen Jitsu Accupressure, Neurolinguistics, Reiki, Herbology, Hawaiian Massage, Hawaiian Healing and Clinical Hypnosis.

Academic Experience

Teaching Assistant UC Santa Cruz

Instructor Pacific Academy of Homeopathic Medicine

Instructor SRJC Older Adults Program


Work and Consulting Experience

I work in private practice in both Clinical Nutrition and Classical Homeopathy. The focus of my work is to teach people how to help their bodies heal themselves using a natural non drug approach.


Presentations and Publications

I have published over 60 articles on various aspects of nutrition, healing, forgiveness and spirituality. You can check these out on my blog: siotabelle.blogspot.com