Fall 2021

Section 0648 of ESL722
ESL Computer Literacy -- : Aug 30 - Dec 10 2021

Section 0780 of ESL724
Vocational English for Speakers of Other Languages -- : Aug 16 - Dec 10 2021
Mandatory Zoom meetings will take place for each class session during the days/time(s) listed. There will be independent work (homework). Your instructor will provide more details.

Section 3500 of ESL722
ESL Computer Literacy -- : Aug 21 - Aug 21 2021
This class will be held at SRJC's Southwest Santa Rosa Center, 950 S. Wright Road, Santa Rosa. There will be in-person classes on August 21, September 18, October 16, November 20, and December 11. Other Saturdays will be online. The instructor will provide students with more information and details about COVID protocols.

Spring 2021

Section 4966 of ESL372
High-Intermediate Reading/Writing/Grammar for ESL Students -- : Jan 20 - May 21 2021
Class meetings will take place on Zoom during the day(s)/time(s) listed above. In addition to Zoom, students will be expected to complete independent classwork and homework. More details will be provided by the instructor.

No office hours
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Siobhan McGregor

Adjunct Faculty
English as a Second Language
Barnett Hall
Santa Rosa