Fall 2024

Section 3808 of EMC100
Emergency Medical Responder -- : Aug 20 - Dec 10 2024
Uniform and textbook requirements: https://pstc.santarosa.edu/emergency-medical-responder-first-responder

Spring 2024

Section 7851 of AJ57
Basic Criminal Investigation -- : Jan 17 - May 17 2024
This section uses Canvas to provide students access to instructional materials and some lesson activities. Highly recommended that students have email account by first class meeting.

Section 7860 of EMC100
Emergency Medical Responder -- : Jan 16 - May 14 2024
It is highly recommended students have an email account by the first class. There is a dress code, see website at https://tinyurl.com/pstcemr

No office hours

Associate of Arts
Park Technology
Chabot College, Hayward

Bachelor of Science
Resource Management
California State University, Sacramento

Teaching Credential
University of California, Berkeley

Academic Experience

Santa Rosa Junior College - Public Safety Training Center
Adjunct Faculty since 1988

Scott Dunn has been an Adjunct Faculty member since 1988 and teaches within multiple public safety disciplines at the Santa Rosa Junior College Public Safety Training Center. He began working within the public safety field in 1976 as a volunteer on a Search & Rescue Squad. In 1977 he became an EMT I (still currently maintained) and began teaching for the American Red Cross on a volunteer basis. He continued on as a Firefighter in Shasta County, then as a Park Ranger. He has been employed by Sonoma County Sheriff's Office since 1985 and as a deputy assigned to a variety of assignments including Patrol, Marine Enforcement Unit, Helicopter/SAR Unit (Tactical Flight Officer) and Investigations (CSI), where he developed expertise in a variety of forensic areas. He retired from fulltime his position at the rank of Lieutenant/Patrol Watch Commander and also managed the Helicopter/Search & Rescue Unit and Marine Unit as a collateral assignments. Though retired as a lieutenant, Scott remains employed in a part-time deputy sheriff status working on special assignments. In addition, he is also working in a part-time capacity for another local law enforcement agency providing technical assistance with forensics. Scott has a BS Degree from CSU Sacramento in Resource Management as well as his fulltime teaching credential through UC Berkeley coursework. Scott is an avid outdoor recreationist and experienced in delayed in-field patient care and wilderness medicine. His instruction emphasis includes a hands-on approach and realistic scenario based problem solving.

In addition to EMC 100 (Emergency Medical Responder) and AJ 54B (Basic Criminal Investigation), Scott regularly instructs in the Basic Police Academy, Ranger Academy, EMS Academy and other public safety classes.

Presentations and Publications

California Association for Property and Evidence Conference, Property Room Hazards, Sacramento, CA

COPSWest Conference, Homeland Security Preparedness, Ontario, CA

Park Rangers Association of California Conference, Crime Scene Investigations, Rohnert Park, CA

Park Rangers Association of California Conference, Environmental Crimes Investigations, Santa Rosa, CA

Honors and Awards

Outstanding Contributions Recognition, Awarded by SRJC Academic Senate May 2005

Outstanding Contributions Recognition, Awarded by SRJC Academic Senate May 2018