Fall 2024

Section 1077 of MATH1B
Calculus, Second Course -- : Aug 19 - Dec 12 2024

Section 1086 of MATH9
Finite Mathematics -- : Aug 19 - Dec 11 2024

Section 1087 of MATH10
Nature of Mathematics -- : Aug 19 - Dec 11 2024

Section 1101 of MATH15
Elementary Statistics -- : Aug 20 - Dec 12 2024

Spring 2024

Section 4314 of MATH5
Introduction to Linear Algebra -- : Jan 16 - May 16 2024

Section 5081 of MATH1A
Calculus, First Course -- : Jan 16 - May 16 2024

Section 5101 of MATH10
Nature of Mathematics -- : Jan 17 - May 15 2024

Section 5116 of MATH15
Elementary Statistics -- : Jan 16 - May 16 2024

No office hours

Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematics: University of California at Santa Barbara; Dec. 1995
Dissertation Advisor: Andrew M. Bruckner
Dissertation Title: The Baire Category Theorem: Its Scope

Master of Arts in Mathematics: University of California at Santa Barbara; June 1992

Bachelor of Arts and Science in Mathematics: University of California at Davis; June 1990

Academic Experience

Instructor, Santa Rosa Junior college Fall 2004-Present
Instructor, Sonoma State University Fall 2000-Fall 2003
Assistant Professor, University of Southern Colorado 1995-2000
Teaching Associate, UC Santa Barbara 1992-1995
Mathematics Achievement Program Instructor Winter 1994, Fall 1993
Student Transitionary Enrichment Program (STEP) Instructor August 1994
Teaching Assistant, UC Santa Barbara 1990-1993
High School Teaching Internship, UC Davis 1988

Professional Involvement and Community Service

Neptune Swimming Board Member 2011-2013
Lego Robotics Team volunteer 2010-2012
Santa Rosa Masters swimmer 2001-2012
Santa Rosa Dance Theater Nutcracker Volunteer 2006-20112012
Proctor Terrace Parent Teachers Association Volunteer, 2006-2012
Girl Scout Troop Leader, 2006-2009
Christ Methodist Nursery School Board Treasurer, 2004-2005
Mathematical Association of America member, 2001-2012
California Mathematics Council of Community Colleges member, 2004-2012
Attended AAHE conference on assessment, summer 1999
Instructor for CoAMP summer enrichment program for minority freshman, summer 1999
Presented talks on the Baire Category Theorem and CBL Physics in Calculus labs at the summer 1999 Mathfest in Providence RI
Introduced local high school science teachers to my Physics in Calculus labs, and provided equipment, and attended classes
Presented talk for the Physics Colloquium Series on Why Do Physics in Calculus?
Presented talk for local MAA in Alamosa on Exploring Calculus with Physics
Use computer labs programmed in Mathwright with college algebra classes, 1997-1999
Presented Talk on Applications of the Baire Category Theorem at Real Analysis Conference in Santa Barbara, California Summer 1998
Received Faculty Scholarly and Creative Activities Grant to develop Physics in Calculus labs
Integrated the use of the TI calculator based laboratory into Calculus I and II, 1997-2001
Attended workshop on the TI-92 calculator, 1997
Recruited for and administered Putnam, 1996-1999
Attended Teaching with Technology Conference by CCHE, 1997
Moderator and Proctor of USC Math Day, 1995-1999
Project Next Participant.
- Attend National MAA/AMS meetings, 1995-1996, 2005
- Talks on Teaching, Publishing, getting grant support.
- E-mail list serve to exchange experiences of our new profession
Secretary of UC Davis' Math Club, Pi Mu Epsilon, 1990
National competitor for the Synchronized Swimming Team at UC Davis
Competed for four years on the Division II competitive swim team at UC Davis
- All American
Red Cross Instructor 1981-1994, Certified by the American Red Cross as a First Aid, CPR, Life guarding, and Water Safety Instructor

All of my classes require online homework. It is best, if you buy a text that is bundled with the online access code from the bookstore. It is important to have a hard copy of the text.

Presentations and Publications

Applications of the Baire Category Theorem, The Real Analysis Exchange, 23 (1997-98) no. 2,
p. 363-394

The Baire Category Theorem: Its Scope, Ph.D. Thesis (1995), University of California Santa Barbara

Behavior of continuous functions with respect to intersection patterns, with A.M. Bruckner, The Real Analysis Exchange, 19 (1994) no. 2 , p.414-432

Pre Calculus Review Manual, UC Santa Barbara Bookstore and Mathematics Department, (1992)

Honors and Awards

UC Santa Barbara Mathematics Department Graduate Student Teaching Award, 1994
UC Santa Barbara Regents Fellowship, 1994