Summer 2021

Section 8519 of WINE131
Wine Industry Event Planning -- : Jun 14 - Aug 09 2021
Zoom meetings will take place for each class session at the days/times listed above. Students are expected to be online with a functioning microphone, and/or camera for the duration of the live session. More details will be provided in the syllabus distributed by the instructor.

Spring 2021

Section 6455 of WINE103
Wine Direct to Consumer Sales -- : Jan 20 - Mar 10 2021
This class is fully remote. The schedule of Zoom meetings and/or use of pre-recorded lectures is to be determined by the instructor. More information to come in the course syllabus.

Section 7479 of WINE130
Wine Service and Hospitality -- : Mar 29 - May 21 2021
Times for class sessions on Zoom are to be determined; all class sessions will be recorded and students have option to watch all lectures on their own schedule.

No office hours