Spring 2020

Section 4246 of BAD10
American Business in Its Global Context -- : Jan 13 - May 13 2020

Section 4267 of BMK50
Marketing -- : Jan 13 - May 13 2020

Section 4270 of BMK57
Introduction to Public Relations -- : Jan 14 - Mar 24 2020

Section 4271 of BMK59
Consumer Behavior -- : Mar 26 - May 21 2020

Section 5250 of BMK50
Marketing -- : Jan 14 - May 14 2020

Fall 2019

Section 0245 of BMK50
Marketing -- : Aug 19 - Dec 11 2019

Section 0246 of BMK50
Marketing -- : Aug 20 - Dec 12 2019

Section 0248 of BMK57
Introduction to Public Relations -- : Aug 20 - Oct 17 2019

Section 0249 of BMK59
Consumer Behavior -- : Oct 22 - Dec 19 2019

Section 1573 of BAD10
American Business in Its Global Context -- : Aug 19 - Dec 11 2019

B.A. Political Science: Widener University, Pennsylvania
M.B.A. Marketing: College of Notre Dame

Academic Experience: 

Areas of academic focus: Business, Marketing, Public Relations, Consumer Behavior, Advertising, Social Responsibility, Sustainability

Academic Statement: I have some very specific classroom goals and practices,
1) A successful learning environment should be enjoyable, stress-free, and entertaining.
2) Students must be self-motivated to read and retain coursework, concepts and basic principles.
3) My role is to deliver current, clear, and relevant examples that support class concepts while demonstrating how course principles are best used -- through mindful, real-world implementations.
4) Creativity and innovative thinking should lead to sustainable and socially responsible business practices.
5) In business, as in life...don't be evil.

Roy joined the faculty at SRJC after 20+ years in the music and interactive entertainment industries. He began his career as the first marketing executive for San Francisco-based audio pioneers, Monster Cable Products. As a musician with a business degree, Roy was recruited by the founders of Windham Hill Records (A&M) to join the label's management team and served in numerous roles, most recently as Vice President of Brand Marketing and Business Development. After 11 years, the company was acquired by BMG/Sony Music and Roy moved to Capitol/EMI/Virgin Entertainment Properties in Los Angeles as Vice President of Marketing. He has been part of numerous Grammy Award winning projects, MTV & VH-1 video productions, film soundtracks, TV advertising campaigns, and has managed a rich collection of recordings from the world's most iconic musical artists including The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Radiohead, Frank Sinatra, George Winston, Blue Note Jazz, and many more.

Most recently, Roy served as Vice President of a venture funded internet start-up/IPO, and co-founded two Sonoma County businesses with his wife Johnna. He has served as a board member for the Healdsburg Jazz Festival, Texas Music Hall of Fame, and as an advisory board member of Worth Our Weight.