Fall 2021

Section 1832 of CHLD10
Child Growth and Development -- : Sep 13 - Dec 10 2021

Spring 2021

Section 6335 of CHLD10
Child Growth and Development -- : Feb 01 - May 16 2021
This is a Petaluma Transfer Track class and is open to all students. Transfer Track classes start late and end early and do not meet during finals week.

No office hours

M.A. in Child Development

August 2013, California State University, Sacramento

Master’s Thesis: The figured words of service-leaning: Developing interpretive agency in undergraduates and children

B.A. in Child Development

May 2010, California State University, Sacramento

Academic Experience

Lecturer, California State University, Sacramento

September 2013-May 2016

Lecturer, Sierra College

January-May 2016