University of Phoenix, San Francisco, California
Bachelor of Science, Nursing

Santa Rosa Junior College, Santa Rosa, California
Associate of Science, Nursing

Rita Colthurst graduated from the University of Phoenix, with a Bachelor of Science, Nursing Degree after attending Santa Rosa Junior College, and completing her Associate of Science in Nursing.

Rita's work and consulting experience include Registered Nurse Urgent Care, ICU/CCU, Critical Coronary Care Unit and Telemetry Unit, Administrative Supervisor, Pain Management Clinic, Medical Surgical Unit Leader, and Chemotherapy Infusion Nurse. She is with Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital.

Rita is the Clinical Rotation Externship Manager for the Pharmacy Technician Program. In the courses, Pharmacy 154 A and B, students rotate through retail and community services specialty sites. This provides the students real world experiences from which to find their calling and build a resume.

Professional Areas of Interest: 

Registered Nurse, California
Advanced Cardiac Life Support
Pediatric Advanced Life Support
Public Health Nurse Certificate

Professional Involvement and Community Service: 

Unit Based Vaccination Coordinator

Diabetic Care Education

Wound Care Instruction

President Redwood Village Home Owners Association

Presentations and Publications: 

1999 Nurse Week Published Article

WELCOME back to school!

Please note if you will be registering for the Pharmacy Technology coursework, specifically Pharmacy 154 A and B a background and drug screening is mandatory.


WARNING: ALL STUDENTS registering for the Pharm 154 A/B course in the Pharmacy Technician coursework with the objective of completing the total program, MUST have a 100% CLEAR background check and drug screening.

Please drink adequate fluids; HOWEVER,do not drink copious amounts which will dilute the urine. ALL reports of dilute urine will be referred back to the student for a recheck at the students additional expense.

If you are a returning student from 154A year 2015, you only need a Drug screen test. If you are a student from any year prior you must complete both drug screen test and background check.

The following information was provided by Kaiser of Northern California. These restrictions prevent a student from being at any of their facilities. Other corporations evaluate background checks on a case by case basis and may exclude convictions not listed here. Students who are restricted from one institution that the Pharmacy Tech program uses are restricted from attending clinical rotations, since we rotate students to different facilities throughout the program. Therefore, accepted students who have any of the following convictions are not able to be in the Pharmacy Tech program due to clinical facilities restrictions.

A student with a background check that indicates any of the following felony and/or misdemeanor convictions within the last 7 years is not eligible for a clinical placement.

- Violent crimes such as murder, rape, sexual assault, kidnapping, attempted murder, assault with deadly weapons.
- Crimes involving theft, embezzlement, burglary, forgery, fraud, arson, identity theft.
- Sex crimes including sexual molestation, and sex crimes against children, or any conviction for which a candidate is required to register as a sex offender with a state or federal agency.
- Drug related crimes such as drug theft, sales, distribution, manufacturing and possession of controlled substances.
- Multiple convictions (more than one conviction for same or different crime).
- Name posted on any government sanctioned or debarred list

Fall Semester
Pharmacy 154 A
Pharmacy Technician Clinical Experience

Spring Semester
Pharmacy 154 B
Pharmacy Technician Clinical Experience

Licensure Note:
The California State Board of Pharmacy may deny licensure for felony or misdemeanor offences. It is the responsibility of the student to present sufficient evidence of rehabilitation prior to licensure and/or secure a pre-application process with the Board, independent to the program admission application.

Pharmacy tech program does not require a HS diploma for entry and completion of the program. However, the student must have a HS Diploma or GED when they apply to the State of California for their license.

Section 4202 of the Business and Professions Code requires an applicant for registration as a pharmacy technician to be a high school graduate or possess a general education development (GED) equivalent.

WARNING: ALL STUDENTS registering for the Inpatient Hospital Elective Pharmacy 157 offered in the Summer after graduation MUST have a 100% CLEAR background check.

A situation could arise that may require immediate and effective discipline where extremely serious infractions of rules have occurred. When this situation develops, the student will be suspended from the clinical setting pending a full investigation of the situation. An example of actions that may lead to immediate suspension and possible dismissal include:
___ЕЅ█А_К_Ѕ█_т╩__хтх_Ѕ█__┤__хтх_ Under the influence of drugs or alcohol while on duty
___ЕЅ█А_К_Ѕ█_т╩__хтх_Ѕ█__┤__хтх_ Physical abuse to a patient, visitor or other personnel
___ЕЅ█А_К_Ѕ█_т╩__хтх_Ѕ█__┤__хтх_ Petty theft
___ЕЅ█А_К_Ѕ█_т╩__хтх_Ѕ█__┤__хтх_ Sexual misconduct
___ЕЅ█А_К_Ѕ█_т╩__хтх_Ѕ█__┤__хтх_ Intentional negligence toward patients
___ЕЅ█А_К_Ѕ█_т╩__хтх_Ѕ█__┤__хтх_ Theft of drugs or drug paraphernalia from clinical site

IMPORTANT: Please note the clinical rotation is a job. The program's responsibility pertains to ONE and only ONE placement at a clinical site. If a student is asked to leave a clinical site, FOR ANY REASON, the college and program are not required to assign the student to another clinical site.

In other words, if a student gets ___ЕЅ█А_К_Ѕ█_т╩__хтх_Ѕ█__┤__хтх_fired___ЕЅ█А_К_Ѕ█_т╩__хтх_Ѕ█__┤__хтх_ from a site, they will fail the course.

NOW that has been said and out of the way!