Spring 2019

Section 4377 of CEST98
Independent Study in Civil and Surveying Technology -- : Jan 14 - May 17 2019

Section 4378 of CEST98
Independent Study in Civil and Surveying Technology -- : Jan 14 - May 17 2019

Section 4379 of CEST98
Independent Study in Civil and Surveying Technology -- : Jan 14 - May 17 2019

Section 5463 of GIS51
Intermediate Geographic Information Systems (GIS) -- : Jan 16 - May 15 2019

Section 5520 of SURV53
Route Surveying & Design -- : Jan 18 - May 17 2019

Section 5665 of GIS54
Data Acquisition in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) -- : Jan 17 - May 16 2019

Section 5704 of SURV58
Evidence and Procedures for Boundary Determination -- : Jan 14 - May 13 2019

Section 5823 of SURV56
Introduction to GPS Land Surveying -- : Jan 15 - May 14 2019

Section 6745 of GIS40
Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) -- : May 03 - May 03 2019
The above section is for credit by exam.

Section 7107 of GIS40
Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) -- : Jan 15 - May 16 2019

Fall 2018

Section 1239 of CEST51
Civil Drafting Technology -- : Aug 21 - Sep 13 2018

Section 1282 of CEST192
Non-Technical Skills for the Civil Engineering Technician -- : Oct 03 - Dec 12 2018

Section 1305 of SURV60
Introduction to Plane Surveying -- : Aug 23 - Dec 13 2018

Section 2135 of GIS40
Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) -- : Aug 21 - Dec 11 2018

Section 2912 of APTECH191
Problem Solving in Civil Engineering Technology -- : Aug 20 - Dec 10 2018

Section 3056 of CEST65
Public Works Plans and Estimating -- : Aug 20 - Dec 10 2018

Summer 2018

Section 8718 of CEST98
Independent Study in Civil and Surveying Technology -- : Jun 25 - Aug 10 2018

Section 8871 of GIS52
Advanced Geographic Information Systems (GIS) -- : Jun 19 - Aug 08 2018


FALL 2018 

  • Monday
         2:00 PM -   5:00 PM   APTECH 191 LECT  (Geospatial Problem Solving) -- SHUHAW 1751
         5:00 PM -   5:45 PM   OFFICE HOUR -- 1775 Shuhaw / Shuhaw 1751
  • Tuesday
          9:00 AM  -     2:00 PM   GIS 40 LECT/LAB (Intro to GIS Fundamentals) Shuhaw 1751
          2:00 PM  -     2:45 PM   OFFICE HOUR -- Shuhaw 1775 / Shuhaw 1751
          3:00 PM  -     5:45 PM   ADMIN MEETINGS
  • Wednesday
        8/22/2018 thru 9/26/2018     ADMIN TIME / OFF CAMPUS

    Beginning 10/3/2018
         6:00    -     9:00 PM    CEST192 -- (Non-Tech Skills for CESGT) Shuhaw 1783
         9:00    -     9:45 PM    OFFICE HOUR
  • Thursday
     9:00 AM  -   12:00 PM   SURVEY 60 LECT (Intro Plane Surveying) Shuhaw 1799
     2:00 PM  -      5:00 PM   SURVEY 60 LAB ((Intro Plane Surveying) Shuhaw 1799
     5:00 PM  -      5:45 PM   OFFICE HOUR Hour -- Shuhaw 1775 / Shuhaw 1751
  • Friday
        New STEM Building Planning Meetings. / 2nd Fri. Dept. Mtgs. TBA / 3rd & 4th Fridays -- OFF CAMPUS or By Appt.

SUMMER 2018   (June 19 - August 8)

  • Tuesday
    11:30 AM  -  5:00 PM   GIS 52 LECT/LAB (Advanced GIS) Shuhaw 1799
      5:00 PM  -  6:00 PM   OFFICE HOUR -- Shuhaw 1775 / Shuhaw 1799
     (Sometimes my office hour takes me to the 1799 computer lab to assist a student,
    please look for me in both places)

  •   Wednesday

    11:30 AM -  5:00 PM   GIS 52 LECT/LAB (Advanced GIS) Shuhaw 1799
      5:00 PM -  6:00 PM   OFFICE HOUR -- Shuhaw 1775 / Shuhaw 1799
     (Sometimes my office hour takes me to the 1799 computer lab to assist a student,
    please look for me in both places)


SPRING 2018 

  • Monday
         6:00 PM -   7:00 PM   SURVEY 58 LECT  (Boundary Surveying Principles) -- SHUHAW 1783
         7:00 PM -   9:00 PM   SURVEY 58 LECT  (Boundary Surveying Principles) -- SHUHAW 1799
         9:00 PM - 10:00 PM   OFFICE HOUR -- 1775 Shuhaw / Shuhaw 1799
  • Tuesday
          9:00 AM  -   12:00 PM   SURVEY 56 LECT (GPS Land Surveying Fundamentals) Shuhaw 1799
          1:00 PM  -      4:00 PM   SURVEY 56 LAB (GPS Land Surveying Fundamentals) Shuhaw 1799
          4:00 PM  -      5:00 PM   OFFICE HOUR -- Shuhaw 1775 / Shuhaw 1799

          7:30 PM  -   10:00 PM   GIS 40 LECT/LAB (Intro to GIS Fundamentals) Shuhaw 1751
        10:00 PM  -   10:30 PM   OFFICE HOUR -- Shuhaw 1775 / Shuhaw 1751
  • Wednesday
        11:30 AM  -   1:30 PM  GIS 51 LECT (Intermediate GIS) Shuhaw 1751
          2:00 PM  -     5:00 PM  GIS 51 LAB (Intermediate GIS) Shuhaw 1751
          5:00 PM  -     6:00 PM  OFFICE HOUR -- Shuhaw 1775 / Shuhaw 1751
  • Thursday
          9:00 AM  -  12:00 PM  GIS 54 LECT  (GIS Data Acquisition) -- Shuhaw 1799
          1:00 PM  -     4:00 PM  GIS 54 LAB     (GIS Data Acquisition) -- Shuhaw 1799
          4:00 PM  -     4:45 PM  OFFICE HOUR -- Shuhaw 1775 / Shuhaw 1799

          7:30 PM  -  10:00 PM  GIS 40 LECT/LAB (Intro to GIS Fundamentals ) Shuhaw 1751
        10:00 PM  -  10:30 PM  OFFICE HOUR Hour -- Shuhaw 1775 / Shuhaw 1751
  • Friday
        New STEM Building Planning Meetings. / 2nd Fri. Dept. Mtgs. TBA / 3rd & 4th Fridays -- OFF CAMPUS or By Appt.

          6:00 PM -  9:00 PM   SURVEY 53 LECT  (Route Surveying) -- SHUHAW 1799
         (TBA -- unscheduled, occasional new instructor assist/fill-in)
  • Saturday   (TBA -- unscheduled, occasional new instructor assist/fill-in)
          8:00 AM  -    11:00 PM   SURVEY 53 LAB (Route Surveying) Shuhaw 1799
        12:00 PM  -      5:00 PM   CEST 63 LECT/LAB (Subdivision Planning) Shuhaw 1799


LAST UPDATED 8/22/2018

EARLY SIGN-UPS: Students are strongly advised to ALWAYS register 4-8 weeks early every semester to avoid being put on a wait-list or to avoid early administrative cancellation of a course due to low enrollment in courses!!! 

Administrative course cancellation begins three weeks prior to the first day of the semester. If a student is somewhat interested or somewhat undecided it is recommended to sign up anyway to preserve your option to choose at a later time. Once canceled, there is no bringing a canceled course back when you later decide that you want to sign up.

CESGT SCHOLARSHIPS: to the LEFT of my office door students will find CESGT SCHOLARSHIP information -- this is FREE MONEY, Check it carefully and often.

CESGT JOB BOARD: to the RIGHT of my office door is a CESGT JOB BOARD that contains current and historical job information. The SRJC CESGT Program has a long history of successful university transfer and highly successful (~75%) board exam performance. For the last three years, 95-100% of graduating program students have been employed by the end of the program. Check it carefully and often.


a.) Notes / Updates section by semester -- (ALWAYS UNDER CONSTRUCTION)
b.) Reg's course offerings section by semester, 
c.) a link to CESGT program curriculum and course sequence information by semester,
d.) a link to a CESGT program information sheet and 
e.) an updated course sequence sheet for all three certificates (under construction, see CESGT web pages,).



All of my FALL course texts should be available in the SRJC Bookstore. In addition, they are ALL available on line and in the Reserve Section of the Doyle Library by the first week of classes. For SURV 60, the ONLY allowable field notebook is the orange hardbound Elan Standard Engineer's Field Book 64-4x4 or the yellow Sokkia Engineer's Field Book 64-4x4 -- period. Please have one by the first day, you will need it. No exceptions. Do NOT purchase field books with waterproof paper. I will not grade them.

AS of 8/15, ALL CESGT COURSES ARE FULL with waitlisting. This means that students numbered 25-29+ are on a wait list and will be automatically advanced IF there are any drops. Being on the waitlist is NOT a guarantee of getting in the course. PLEASE NOTE! Calling or emailing me and asking for an add code is not necessary. A student, significant other or parent calling me and DEMANDING an add code is not a good way to start the semester. Please refrain from doing so. I WILL NOT give out an add code ahead of the first day of class for ANY reason as this is unfair and circumvents those who took the time to monitor the school website and sign up in slots 25-29+. They have priority.

Full classes means that we will HIT THE GROUND RUNNING on Day 1, please be prepared with books and supplies. Also please read my course syllabi. There is a link to a PDF download on the SRJC course schedule web page for each course.

That's all for now. Please check back!!!

FALL 2018 NOTE 1: YO! Soon-To-Be Certificate completers, get your paperwork started LAST SEMESTER, check out your cubby and select degree audit to complete your certificate application.








Introduction to GIS Concepts and GIS Methods. This is the gateway course to the GIS Technology Certificate Program. Elementary GIS and mapping concepts along with GIS software methods are presented. The student will gain familiarity with GIS concepts, proficiency with GIS software techniques and the basics in GIS map preparation for subsequent required courses in the GIS Program; particularly in Intermediate GIS (GIS51), Advanced GIS Methods (GIS52) and Data Acquisition in GIS (GIS54) as well as numerous GIS electives.      

NOTE: According to the official course sequence, this particular section is taught for Geospatial Certificate Majors with a partial emphasis on the integration of GIS, Land Surveying and Civil Engineering methods and related professional applications. Required for civil engineering and land survey students as well as geospatial/GIS students.

REQUIRED TEXTBOOKS: GIS 40  (in SRJC Bookstore and on reserve in Doyle Library)
a.) GIS Fundamentals, A First Text on Geographic Information Systems, Paul Bolstad, 5th Ed, XanEdu Pub, 2016 --  ISBN-13: 978-1-50669-587-7,  ISBN-10: 1506695877. (NOTE: used for GIS 40, 51 and 52)
b.) Lining Up Data in ArcGIS: A Guide to Map Projections, Margaret Maher, 3rd Ed, ESRI Press, 2013, -- ISBN: 9781589483422, ISBN-13: 978-1589483422, (Note: used for GIS 40, 51 and 52)
c.) Readings and Handouts -- TBA

2.) APTECH 191 -- QUANTITATIVE REASONING & PROBLEM-SOLVING IN CESGT                                      

A comprehensive coverage of fundamental mathematical concepts as they relate to applied problem-solving topics encountered in the Civil Engineering, Surveying and Geospatial Technologies (CESGT). This course will introduce the student to the quantitative reasoning and problem-solving skills necessary to advance through the three CESGT certificate course sequences. (Certificate Requirement) 

REQUIRED TEXTBOOKS: APTECH 191 (in SRJC Bookstore and on reserve in Doyle Library)
a.) Elementary Technical Mathematics, 11th Ed, Dale Ewen, Cengage Learning, 2011, ISBN-10: 128519919, ISBN-13: 978-128519919

OPTIONAL TEXTBOOKS: APTECH191 (available online)
b.) Mastering Technical Mathematics, 3rd Ed, Gibilisco and Crowhurst, McGraw-Hill, 2007, ISBN-10: 0071494480, ISBN-13: 978-007149448                        



A comprehensive and rigorous introductory course in Plane Surveying methods emphasizing the core fundamentals of Plane Surveying, Differential Leveling, Traversing and Topographic Mapping. In addition. particular attention will be given to field methods, field notebook procedures, field and office calculations and basic error management. (Certificate Requirement)   

REQUIRED TEXTBOOKS: SURVEY 60 (in SRJC Bookstore and on reserve in Doyle Library)
a.) Elementary Surveying, 15th Ed, Ghilani & Wolf,  Prentice Hall, 2017, ISBN-10: 0134604652,  ISBN-13: 978-0134604657
b.) Field Notebook: Elan E64-4x4 (hardcover) OR SOKKIA Fieldbook #8152-60 (hardcover) No exceptions, period!
c.) Hand Calculators: HP33s or HP35s, (strongly recommended as both are programmable for exams with Software by D'Zign HP Programming Guides), OR TI-30X IIS (not programmable, acceptable but not strongly recommended)

OPTIONAL TEXTBOOKS: SURVEY 60  (available online)
b.) A Guide to Understanding Land Surveys, 3rd Ed, Stephen Estopinal, Wiley, 2009, ISBN-13: 978-0470230589


4.) CEST 192 -- NON-TECHNICAL SKILLS FOR CESGT (Begins 10/3/2018)

An introduction to non-technical skills used by civil engineering and surveying technicians. The course will concentrate on developing: an understanding of one's personal profile; emotional and social intelligence; group collaboration skills; project management skills; individual & group verbal/listening skills; written communication skills; and job search skills. Students will research technician-level careers in civil engineering and surveying technology.

a.) Working with Emotional Intelligence, Goleman, S., Bantam, 2000, paperback, ISBN-13: 978-0553378580
b.) 7 Habits of Highly Effective People - Powerful Lessons in Personal Change, 2004, Covey, S., ISBN-13: 978-0743269513
c.) TBA
d.) DISC Personality Evaluation Workbook (in SRJC Bookstore)


NOTE: As of 8/15/2018, all of the above identified REQUIRED course textbooks are scheduled to be available in the SRJC Bookstore AND in the reserve section of the Doyle Library.
The Doyle Library Reserve section also has numerous reference books selected by me. Use them!


SRJC has completed revamping the Civil Engineering, Surveying and Geospatial Technologies (CESGT) Program from a 2-year to a 1-year certificate cycle. This should not be considered a dilution of the historical rigor for which this program has become nationally recognized. The curriculum is being revised with less inter-certificate overlap so that students may complete one or more "stackable" certificates, each with a more focused emphasis. Minor changes will likely occur over the next 1-2 years. Please monitor the certificate web pages.


The Fall 2019 Semester is undergoing some minor revisions so please consult the program coordinator for how to best select courses that will qualify for certificate status. These are the planned 2018-2109 FALL and SPRING Certificate Courses as they now stand:

APTECH 191 Problem Solving in CESGT
CEST 51 Intro To Civil Drafting (using Civil 3D)
CEST65 Public Works Plan Reading and Estimating

CEST 192 Non-Technical Skills for CESGT

CEST 63 Subdivision Planning
CEST 64 Public Works Inspection and Testing
CEST 85 CAD for Civil Engineering
GIS 40 Intro to GIS


APTECH 191 Problem Solving in CESGT
CEST 51 Intro To Civil Drafting (using Civil 3D)
CEST 192 Non-Technical Skills for CESGT
SURV 60 Plane Surveying

SURV 53 Route/ Construction Surveying
SURV 56 Intro to GPS (Satellite-based Land Surveying)
SURV 58 Boundary Surveying
GIS 40 Intro to GIS


APTECH 191 Problem Solving in CESGT
CEST 192 Non-Technical Skills for CESGT
GIS 40 Intro to GIS
GEOG 4 Physical Geography (Fall or Spring)
CEST 51 Intro To Civil Drafting (using Civil 3D -- planned requirement beginning Fall 2019, highly recommended for 2018)

GIS 51 Intermediate GIS
GIS 54 Data Acquisition in GIS
GIS 53 Cartography in GIS (includes web-based mapping)
GEOG 4 Physical Geography  (Fall or Spring)

GIS 52 Advanced GIS Methods

D. The 1-unit LIR 10 course is required for all 3 Associate Degree tracks ONLY and may be taken either SPRING OR FALL semesters.



Below please find the latest CESGT Program and course information along with a link to a TENTATIVE course sequence for the three certificates. These documents can be used for certificate course planning. (NOTE: MAY BE SUBJECT TO CHANGE.)

Password: SRJC_CESGT





PLEASE NOTE: Creating and updating new-technology based programs such as this is a dynamic process with many bureaucratic steps and review committees. THINGS WILL CHANGE and sometimes abruptly. STUDENTS WILL DO WELL TO BE ADAPTABLE. WHEN IN DOUBT -- ASK ME.


First off, I am a first name kind of guy so I go by Reg. Professor and Mr. are NOT necessary.

Secondly, NEW and CONTINUING students in the program should not wait until the last minute to plan for their certificates or associate degrees. Read your course syllabi. Consult program websites. Consult program coordinators and instructors. Learn where the Applied Technology Administrative Offices are in Bussman Service Center. Learn where and when my office hours are held and make an appointment or email me WELL IN ADVANCE OF YOUR PERCEIVED EMERGENCY!! 

Install VSEE (link below) on your computer, tablet or cell phone. Use it to web-conference with me. Students are legally viewed as adults by the school district and the state chancellor's office. It is the STUDENT'S RESPONSIBILITY to stay on top of their degree planning. The school provides information, online forms in your cubby and people to consult with. The school does NOT chase after students to get things done. College education and university transfer are serious business. Career Technical Education is serious. This is YOUR education and YOUR career. In order to succeed in either or at both, YOU will have to do YOUR share of the work. Please consider this carefully and take ownership of your success.


My office is located in SHUHAW 1775 and my office phone is (707) 527-4376. You may also contact me by email or if really urgent, via my cell phone.

Lastly, I also currently serve as CESGT Program coordinator, this ia a big job with lots of meetings and behind the scenes work to do. A student may report a few moments early to a listed classroom or to my listed office hours to not find me in my office. I might be making copies or submitting one of ten zillion forms required for existence in our nearby administrative offices across the parking lot. DO NOT assume that I am not available. Prior to assuming incorrectly, students may call my cell phone (707) 246-6960 and confirm their intent to meet and my whereabouts. I may be only seconds to minutes away. RP