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B.S. in Biology (Ecology), Sonoma State University, 1995

M. A. in Biology, Sonoma State University, 2000

Academic Experience

Course and workshop topics:

  • Adaptive land management planning
  • Ecological monitoring methods and techniques
  • Plant identification: general, rare plants, invasive plants
  • Taxonomy and ecology of the grass, sedge, sunflower families
  • Species invasions
  • Botany and vegetation of the Sierra Nevada
  • General biology

Supporting Institutions: Sonoma Land Trust, Laguna de Santa Rosa Foundation, Pepperwood Preserve, Santa Rosa Junior College, College of the Redwoods Mendocino Coast

Peter Warner has been involved in the study of plants and ecology for about 40 years, coinciding with his westward migration from East Coast roots. While some evidence exists for his earlier interest in plant life, the fossil record is incomplete. During his Precambrian era working in urban forestry and landscaping in the Bay Area, he became absorbed in the study of wild plants in California and the American West, and eventually earned a B. S. and then an M. A. in Biology (Ecology) from Sonoma State University. Over the past 25 years, he's taught several botanically oriented classes and workshops, and organized hundreds of trips throughout California and beyond to explore ecological diversity. During this time, he's been active in a number of environmental organizations, primarily focused on learning and teaching about the critical importance of intact ecosystems and ecological processes to the long-term health of all the living.

Since moving on from about ten years working in national and state parks, Peter has provided botanical and ecological consulting services to several conservation organizations, public agencies, and private land managers. He continues to offer workshops and classes through various venues, and revels in spontaneous opportunities to share wonder and musings about life's rich pageant. For relief from more mundane pursuits, he spends several days a week contemplating nature, on his own or in the company of other naturalists and thinkers. He's discovered that nature provides more than ample material from which to harvest enlightenment.

Work and Consulting Experience


  • Onsite ecological surveys of small- to landscape-scale properties
  • Assessments of general ecology & vegetation
  • Botanical & vegetational inventories & analyses
  • Special-status plant monitoring & mapping
  • Regulatory scoping & specifications for mitigation measure development
  • Design and development of adaptive monitoring programs
  • Ecological recovery, rehabilitation, and revegetation plans
  • Assistance in formulating ecological management goals & policies

Collaboration with:

o Sonoma Land Trust
o California State Parks
o Mendocino County Resource Conservation District
o Redwood Coast Land Conservancy
o Pepperwood Foundation
o The Nature Conservancy
o Save-the-Redwoods League
o Gold Ridge Resource Conservation District

Professional Areas of Interest

Plant ecology
Plant geography
Botanical endemism
Fire ecology
Invasive species ecology and management
Plant, wildlife, and habitat preservation and conservation
Rare plant conservation
Education and advocacy

Professional Involvement and Community Service

California Invasive Plant Council

California Native Plant Society