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Bachelor of Science - Molecular Biology and Physiology, University of Belgrade, Serbia
Doctor of Philosophy - Human Genetics and Stem Cells, University of Pittsburgh, PA

Work and Consulting Experience

Research experience

2010 - present: Buck Institute for Research on Aging, Novato, California
Projects: Derivation of iPSCs with Parkinson's disease associated mutations for the disease modeling, drug screening, and cell therapy.

2004 - 2010: Graduate School of Public Health, Department of Human Genetics, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Projects: Analysis of DNA damage responses in human pluripotent stem cells:investigating cell cycle checkpoint function, DNA repair, cell death, and pluripotency in ESCs and iPSCs following ionizing radiation-induced DNA damage; expression profiling of DNA damage response pathways in ESCs and iPSCs; studying role of ataxia telangiectasia mutated (ATM) in the cell cycle checkpoint activation in ESCs

Teaching experience (teaching assistant/lecturer)

2003 - Biology of Cells and Organisms, University of Illinois at Chicago, IL
2004 - Vertebrate Embryology, University of Illinois at Chicago, IL
2006 - Medical human genetics, University of Pittsburgh, PA
2009 - Stem cells and regeneration, Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, MA
2010 - present - Stem cells, Buck Institute for Research on Aging, Novato, CA

Professional Areas of Interest

Stem Cells
Regenerative Medicine

Presentations and Publications

1. O. Momčilović, J. Montoya-Sack, X. Zeng (2012). Dopaminergic Differentiation of Pluripotent Stem Cells. Journal of Cellular Biochemistry 113 (12): 3610-9.
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3. O. Momčilović, G. Schatten (2012). DNA Repair in Normal Stem Cells. Chapter 4 in "DNA Repair of Cancer Stem Cells" book, pages 53-87. Springer. DOI 10.1007/978-94-007-4590-2_4.
4. O. Momčilović, C. Navara, G. Schatten (2011). Cell cycle adaptations, DNA Repair Mechanisms and Their Roles in Genomic Integrity Maintenance in Pluripotent Stem Cells. Results and Problems in Cell Differentiation 53:415-58.
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8. O. Momčilović, S. Choi, S. Varum, C. Bakkenist, G. Schatten, C. Navara (2009). Ionizing Radiation Induces ATM Dependent Checkpoint Signaling and G2 But Not G1 Cell Cycle Arrest In Pluripotent Human Embryonic Stem Cells. Stem Cells 27 (8): 1822-35.