Fall 2024

Section 0987 of HUMAN8
Comparative Mythology -- : Aug 19 - Dec 13 2024
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Monsters -- : Aug 19 - Dec 13 2024
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Summer 2024

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Monsters -- : Jun 17 - Jul 28 2024
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Spring 2024

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Monsters -- : Jan 16 - May 17 2024
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1985 B.S. Management, Golden Gate University, San Francisco, CA.
2006 M.A. Humanities, San Francisco State University,San Francisco.

Other Education & Training

Online Specia Expertise Certificate, Santa Rosa Junior College.

Academic Experience

2007- 2009 Humanities Instructor, Diablo Valley College, Pleasant Hill, CA

2010- 2013 San Francisco Teachers Workshop for Ancient Persia, Asian Art Museum of San Francisco

2013-present   Santa Rosa Junior College, Santa Rosa, CA

Courses taught at SRJC

Humanities 5- World Humanities

Humanities 6- Humanities in the United States

Humanities 7- Introduction to Humanities

Humanities 8- Comparable Mythology

Humanities 21- Humanities of the Middle East

Humaniteis 25- Monsters

Nasrin Naraghi is an Iranian American living in San Francisco. I came to the US a few short years before the Iranian Revolution of '79 to pursue higher education. I received my B.S. degree from Golden Gate University in San Francisco. Years later after getting married and having children, I received my master's degree in Humanities from San Francisco State University. I began my teaching career in humanities at Diablo Valley College. Since 2013, I've been teaching humanities at SRJC and enjoying it.

My passion in teaching humanities is to excite students about studying different cultures and to give them new perspectives and new ways of thinking. 

Professional Areas of Interest

MENAA (Middle Eastern and North African Association)  Steering Committee, since 2022

Presentations and Publications


San Francisco Asian Art Museum- from 2012 to 2013- conducting workshops for San Francisco public school teachers about the culture of Iran, which resulted in 2 YouTube Presentations:

             Nowruz: The Persian New Year Celebration (2/4/2012)


               Shahnameh: The Layering of Iranian Identity and Cultural Influences (3/10/2012)


Persian Language: History, Influences, And Its Gender Neutrality (4/18/2023)