M.L.S., Simmons College Graduate School of Library and Information Science
M.A., German Literature, University of Vermont (thesis title: The Reception of Friedrich Nietzsche's Concepts in German Literature at the Turn of the Century, with Regard to Works by Stefan George, Rainer Maria Rilke, and Thomas Mann.)
B.A., Religion and German Literature, University of Vermont

Academic Experience

Public Services Librarian, October 2002-February 2013, and July 2014-present
Dean of Arts and Humanities (Interim), July 2013-June 2014
Acting Dean of Instruction, SRJC Petaluma Campus, February 2013-June 2013
Library Department Chair, Fall 2008-February 2013, August 2015-May 2016

Work and Consulting Experience

Public Services Librarian,  October 2002-February 2013and July 2014-present

Library Department Chair,  August 2008-February 2013, August 2015- June 2016, and May 25, 2019-present

Interim Dean, Arts and Humanities, July 2013-June 2014

Acting Dean of Instruction, Petaluma Campus, February 2013-June 2013


Professional Areas of Interest

Multilingual Student assistance

Professional Involvement and Community Service

August 2017-May 2018: Vice President, SRJC Academic Senate

August 2017-May 2018: Faculty mentor

August 2017- May 2018: Member, SRJC Curriculum Review Committee

August 2017-present: Member, SRJC Equal Employment Opportunity Advisory Committee

August 2016-present: Member, Faculty Fund for Advanced Studies (FFAS) Committee

October 2016- June 2019: Chair, Library Advisory Board for the Santa Rosa branches of the Sonoma County Library system

August 2015-May 2016: Student Success and Equity committee member

August 2015- May 2019: Academic Senate member

August 2015-May 2016: Faculty Mentor

August 2014-May 2015: SRJC Instructional Technology Group (ITG) committee

Fall 2014: District Online Committee (DOC) (sabbatical replacement)
Fall 2014-Spring 2015: Faculty mentor
Fall 2014- June 2019: Sonoma County Library-Santa Rosa Libraries Library Advisory Board Member
Fall 2012-Spring 2013: Faculty mentor
Fall 2008- February 2013: Department Chair, Library
Spring 2012: Chair, Library Faculty Hiring Committee
Fall 2010-February 2013: Member, SRJC Faculty Staffing Committee
Fall 2011-February 2013: Member, SRJC College Council
Fall 2008-February 2013: Library area representatitve to SRJC Academic Senate
Fall 2008- Spring 2011: Executive Secretary, SRJC Academic Senate
Fall 2010-Spring 2011: Member, California State Academic Senate Curriculum Committee
Spring 2011: SRJC Hiring committee member for Internet Services Manager
Fall 2009-fall 2010: Member, Compressed Calendar Task Force
Fall 2010: SRJC hiring committee member for Healthcare Workforce Manager
Spring 2010: SRJC hiring committee member for Director of Computing Services
Spring 2010: SRJC hiring committee chair, Adjunct Librarian Hiring Committee
Spring 2009: chair, SRJC hiring committee for Public Services Librarian
Fall 2009-Spring 2010: New Faculty mentor
Summer 2008: SRJC hiring committee member for Manager of Media Services (Petaluma Campus)
Spring 2008: SRJC hiring committee member for Public Services Librarian
Fall 2008- Spring 2009: Department Chair Council Co-Chair
Fall 2007-Spring 2008: Co-Chair Team C Basic Skills Committee
Fall 2007- Spring 2009: Member, Professional Development Committee
Fall 2005- Spring 2008: At-large representative to Academic Senate
Spring 2007-Spring 2009: Staff Development Coordinator, Petaluma Campus
Fall 2007- Spring 2008: Member ACSTT (committee for SRJC's AFDAF and FTTF)
Fall 2007- Spring 2008: Puente Mentor
Fall 2007- Spring 2008: New Faculty Mentor
Fall 2007- Spring 2008: Past-Chair, Petaluma Faculty Forum
Fall 2005- Spring 2007: Chair, Petaluma Faculty Forum
Fall 2003- Spring 2005: Secretary, Petaluma Faculty Forum
Fall 2003-Spring 2005: member SRJC Institutional Policies Committee (IPC)
Fall 2007-Spring 2008: Creator and Facilitator, Faculty Reading Colloquia
Fall 2006-Spring 2007: Creator and Facilitator, Petaluma Faculty Teaching Breakfasts

Presentations and Publications

"Case Study: Bridging the Gap from Non-Credit to Credit: Outreach to ESL Students at a California Community College" in Designing a User-Centered Instruction Program, 2016.

"Metacognition and the Intersection of Information Literacy, Reader Apprenticeship and Language Learning in the Academic Library" at the 3CSN First Annual Reading Apprenticeship Conference, College of San Mateo, May 13 2016.

"Achieving Equity: How Libraries Can Help Foster Student Equity" at Unconference May 2, 2015 at Santa Rosa Junior College.

"Virtually Yours: Models for Managing Electronic Resources and Services." Library Acquisitions: Practice and Theory, v.22, no.2 (1998): 177-188.

"Development of a Model for Cataloging, Circulation, and Housing CD-ROMs." College and Undergraduate Libraries, v. 3, no. 2 (1996): 101-113.

Honors and Awards

Rand Newman Award, Faculty Fund for Advanced Study, May 2016

SRJC Employee of the Month, January 2008

SRJC Academic Senate Staff Development Award, 2007