The class SECTION websites for ALL of my classes at the SRJC are located at They are arranged by semester, and then by Class Name, and Section number. The Section number is the link to the Section website.

PLEASE BE AWARE that all of my class section websites are SEPARATE from this SRJC CATE Online Classes system ( My web domain "" and my class section websites are hosted at a non-college, commercial hosting company. In the past, some students have become confused by this.

Like other SRJC Instructors, I have a 'personal home page' and single class section pages here at ( for the various classes that I teach, so that they are easily found by students. However the links found here on these pages, lead to the different class section websites which you will use during your classes, which are located at my own outside domain "", which is completely separate from the CATE and SRJC websites.

Some Section websites will have a Check In form which MUST be submitted within 2 days of the beginning of the class -- if your section does have a Check In form the link will be clearly visible in the navigation links on the home page and on the Assignments calendar.

Assignment links and Check In forms are not active until the day the class is scheduled to begin.

Use the Section links below to access the class website for your SECTION. BOOKMARK the Section Home Page, then return to the site on the day the class begins and use the Check In link to Check In.

NOTE: You MUST be officially admitted to the College and officially registered for a class section via the Admissions and Records Department BEFORE you can Check In to a class section, or begin the class. If you have not registered for a section online, over the phone, or in person at Admissions and Records, please do so ASAP.