Spring 2023

Section 4030 of CS81.41A
Programming Essentials in Python for Networking -- : Jan 18 - May 19 2023

Section 4066 of CS82.58
Introduction to Information Systems Security -- : Jan 18 - May 19 2023
Optional Zoom meetings will take place for each class session on Tuesdays 9-11am. Attendance at these Zoom meetings is recommended but not required.

Section 6343 of CS82.22C
Enterprise Networking, Security, and Automation -- : Jan 18 - May 19 2023

Section 6346 of CS82.71
Ethical Hacking and Systems Defense -- : Jan 18 - May 19 2023

Section 6357 of CS5
Computer Literacy -- : Jan 18 - May 19 2023
Recommended for students with some prior computer knowledge. This course meets Area B of General Education Option A requirements.

Fall 2022

Section 1985 of CS81.41A
Programming Essentials in Python for Networking -- : Aug 15 - Dec 09 2022

Section 1989 of CS82.22A
Introduction to Networks -- : Aug 15 - Oct 16 2022

Section 1991 of CS82.22B
Switching, Routing and Wireless Essentials -- : Oct 17 - Dec 16 2022

Section 1992 of CS181.11
Introduction to Virtualization and Cloud Computing -- : Aug 15 - Dec 09 2022

No office hours

John Reed, RPJH, Rancho Cotate, SRJC, UCSB, School of Hard Gnocks, The Internet



Academic Experience

National Science Foundation Grant: Train teachers, conduct International classes, student exchange program in Paris.

Conduct Boot-camps: Cyber-Security, CCNA

It took Michael McKeever quite some time to come round to teaching, and he did not start his professional activities in the ICT field. He earned his degree in Economics at the University of California Santa Barbara (after attending SRJC for two years) and after working 3 years in finance and management, spent 15 years in Audio/Video pre-, live, and post-production. During those halcyon years, he traveled extensively throughout the US and to South America and Asia. As the AV industry transitioned from analog to digital media, (he started by editing audio tape with a razor blade and concluded that career working with Pro Tools__хтх___М) his interest in computers and networks grew. Working with colleagues from Learning Tree International and integrating the concepts of Herrmann International, he began consulting and designing network infrastructures for small and medium business as well as developing and delivering custom IT classes for Fortune 500 companies.

Upon moving back to the Northern California in 2000, after 15 years in Montana, the CIS department chair at Santa Rosa Junior College contacted him inquiring if he would consider teaching a couple of computer networking classes that were scheduled to start in a few weeks. That opportunity, and the 5.2 magnitude earthquake which struck three days after moving to Napa, shook his world up a bit. McKeever has been a full-time faculty member at Santa Rosa Junior College since 2001 when he was hired to build the college__s Computer Networking program.

In addition to his responsibilities as the lead for the SRJC Cisco Regional Networking Academy, McKeever developed and teaches Computer Security, Client/Server and Forensics courses at the college. He also teaches teachers for the CREATE CATC (Cisco Authorized Training Center) (www.create-california.org) CCNA Security and various tune-up courses. Using a variety of tools and programs he is pioneering the use of live Online synchronous classes at SRJC and is quite passionate about increasing both student and teacher success in this venue. His private computer forensics practice assists members of the legal and law enforcement communities and he continues to deliver custom training to corporate clients.

SRJC is a Regional Partner with the Mid-Pacific Information Communication Technology NSF Center (www.mpict.org) at City College of San Francisco and McKeever serves with colleagues at CCSF"

Work and Consulting Experience

Roof tear-offs, Retail Management, Finance, Audio-Video Production, Bus/Truck Driver, Computer Network and Systems - Design and Training

Professional Areas of Interest

Sourdough, gardening, expansion of the Universe, perfect numbers, cooking, the fine structure constant ~ 1/137.03599913 = α, (square the charge of the electron and then divide it by the speed of light times Planck's constant), swimming.  Oh yea, teaching others to juggle. 

Professional Involvement and Community Service

has revised Hamlet's soliloquy to reflect society's major dilemma

Dickens, as you know, never got round to starting his home page.
Terry Pratchett

Honors and Awards

I blush