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Master of Science, Merchandising, University of Nebraska, 2017

Associate of Science, Library & Information Technology, Cuesta College, 2006

Master of Science Education, Online Learning & Teaching, California State University, 2004

Canvas Training and Digital Course Design

ACUE Creating an Inclusive and Supportive Online Learning Environment

October - November - December 2021

ACUE Course description
Welcoming Students to Online Learning
Promoting Civil Online Learning Environments
Promoting Civil Online Learning Environments
Helping Students Persist in Online Learning
Embracing Diversity in Online Learning
Checking for Student Understanding in Online Learning
Providing Useful Feedback for Online Learning

Foundations of Canvas Course Design

July 2021

The Foundations in Canvas Course Design training is a resource to assist faculty in becoming dynamic instructors in the online course modality.

Open Educational Resources

LibreTexts Grant Participation

April-May 2021

@One Course Series

Online Education Standards and Practices

Summer & Fall 2019

Designing Dynamic Discussions

Communication that Matters

Creating Accessible Content

Digital Course Design

Assessment in Digital Learning

Equity and Culturally Responsive Teaching


My initial work experience in an academic setting was at the University of Washington in Seattle, my home town.

I earned another degree and worked in merchandising and product development for about 15 years, in both Washington and California.

On-the-job training experiences - good, bad & non-existent - created an interest in instructional materials and education. I began working and teaching at Santa Rosa Junior College.

My interest in online education led me to complete a Master of Science in Education-Online Learning & Teaching at CSU. In 2017 I completed a Master of Science in Merchandising.

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