Fall 2023

Section 3425 of SPAN4
Intermediate Spanish-Part 2 -- : Aug 15 - Dec 07 2023
This section will meet online at the day(s) and time(s) listed. Students are expected to be present for the duration of these live online meetings.

Spring 2023

Section 6118 of SPAN40
Introductory Spanish for Spanish Speakers -- : Jan 19 - May 18 2023
This section is is designed for Heritage Spanish speakers or those with native fluency. If you have not taken Spanish classes before, you can take this class by filling out the online Prerequisite Challenge Form. If you have taken Spanish classes before, please complete the form and enroll in the Span 41 course.

Section 6124 of SPAN4
Intermediate Spanish-Part 2 -- : Jan 19 - May 18 2023

No office hours

New York University, NY

Hunter College, NY

University of Madrid, Spain

Fairfield University, CT - BA  in Spanish/Education

Sonoma State University - Masters in Spanish Language and Literature

Academic Experience

High School - 32 years

JC - 3 years

I was born in Pittsfield, MA to parents for whom an education was extremely important.  My mother was a teacher, principal and superintendent of schools.  My father was the News Director of Williams College and then opened a bookstore in town. My siblings are a dance choreographer, a movie producer and a consultant in International Affairs.  I have three wonderful children, two are teachers and one works in the tech field. I love to travel, to play soccer and to garden.  I' thoroughly enjoy to teaching Spanish at the JC.

Work and Consulting Experience

I have taught Spanish in high school or 32 years and have been at the JC for 3 years.  I work with SCOE helping new Spanish teachers to enjoy what they are teaching.  

Professional Areas of Interest

Working with new teachers

Teaching in wineries and with field workersI was