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My educational background is as follows:

High School: Polytechnic High School, San Francisco
Junior College: City College of San Francisco, AA Degree
Four Year College: California State University, San Francisco, BA Degree
Personnel & Industrial Relations/Asian Studies
Graduate: San Franicsco State University, MBA Degree
World Business Management/Asian Studies
Professional: University of California, Hastings College of the Law
Law, JD Degree

Academic Experience

I have taught on an adjunct basis since 1982 and the courses run the gambit of business administration and international business.
The courses that I have experience in teaching are as follows:

Business Law; International Business Law; International & Domestic Business Law; International Trade Law; Principles of Marketing; Marketing Management; MBA Seminar: International Marketing; Marketing in a Global Economy; Principles of International Business; International Business Management; Import Trade Operations; Export Trade Operations; Import/Export Trade Operations; Contract Law; Production Management; Dynamics of Business; Essentials of Math; Business and Society; American Business in a Global Context; Globalization and Cultures; Effective Marketing in a Dynamic Environment; Comparative Studies of MNC,FDI, and International Trade; Quality Management; Business & Management Ethics; International Financial Markets; Human Resources Management; Organization Behavior; and Quality Management.

The colleges that I have taught in the past are as follows:

Lincoln University
Magna Carta University
Brooks College
California International University
Heald College
Chabot College
Armstrong University
Dominican College of San Rafael
Holy Names College
California State University, East Bay International Business
University of California, Berkeley Extension International Diploma Programs
Hosei University (Tokyo, Japan)
Berkeley City College
Evergreen Valley College
International Technological University
Herguan University
California South Bay University
Notre Dame De Namur University

A native of San Francisco Bay Area, and completed my education in San Francisco from grade school to graduate/professional schools. Served in the United States Marine Corps during the Vietnam War. Upon my return to the real world, I returned to college under the G.I. Bill and earned a BA, MBA and JD degrees. Gained invaluable experience with a civil rights agency in monitoring the consent decree in the matter of Salazar, et. al. vs. Blue Shield of California during the early 1970's. Subsequently, legal experience with IBM, State of California, Department of Real Estate and private sole practice in the areas of international business transactions, commercial law, real estate law, domestic relations, probate, criminal law, immigration, bodily injury and civil litigation. Practiced in Hawaii and California for 13 years. Currently, involved on a free lance basis in a number of international trade transactions in the following countries: Canada; Philippines; Panama City, Panama; USA; England; Singapore; Australia; and Turkiye.
In addition,I am an instructor in the International Trade & Commerce Section of the University of California, Berkeley Extension Professional International Diploma Programs. Serving on the Advisory Committee of the joint Bay Area World Trade Center in Oakland and the California State University, Hayward Extended Education "International Trade" Certificate Program. Facilitator for the "Essentials of International Trade" Seminar under the Certificate Program. I have extensive teaching experience on adjunct faculty basis in the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles County.
Professionally, I am the marketing consultant with DULIN ADVERTISING, Inc.(Redwood City); account manager/marketing consultant with REG TRADING COMPANY(South San Francisco); international business consultant to BF Imports, Inc.(South San Francisco) and provide a number of attorneys litigation consulting.
Have traveled worldwide and acting as the liaison between the People's Republic of China's SF Consulate and the University of California at Berkeley and Santa Cruz in developing a corporate training program for high/mid level government officials.
Participated in the student strike on the San Francisco State College campus in 1968 that lead to the creation of the School of Ethnic Studies.
A classmate of O.J. Simpson at Everett Junior High School in San Francisco and had the opportunity to officially race him for the distinction of being the fastest person on campus. He beat me by a nose and the rest is history.
Looking forward to sharing my personal/professional/global trade experiences with SRJC students. Enjoy interacting with students and would like to be a facilitator in each students path to success and enlightenment.

Professional Areas of Interest

Deeply in gross in teaching on an adjunct basis and developing a number of international business projects. I enjoy working with a number of international students from such countries as Spain, France, Turkiye, Philipines, Pakistan, Panama, Mexico and Australia on business projects.

The combination of teaching global courses and working with international students is highlight of my professional career. The opportunity to interact with international students with creative ideas and strategies is an adrenalin rush.

I would like to encourage American students to become active in global commerce and be sensitive to the way of doing business beyond the borders of the USA. The market place and production activities are becoming globalized and business administration students here in the USA need to oriented into the globalization. I enjoy developing international business courses to meet the challenge and generate excitement among the students to study global courses. Hopefully, they will become international trade entrepreneurs.

I really enjoy traveling to foreign countries on business and developing a personal business relationship with suppliers and buyers. The development of personal relationships in a business relationship is of immense importance in creating the proper environment to do business. There is less of a concern for legalese and paper chase. The enjoyment of foreign cultures and cuisine are the intangibles of participating in global commerce.

Professional Involvement and Community Service

Have in the past been involved in community service as follows:

1. San Francisco Neighborhood Legal Assistance-Chinatown/South of Market Centers. Non-profit legal assistance agency. Provided legal services to the disenfranchised in the areas of landlord/tenant issues, public assistance benefits, social security, immigration defense, unemployment rights.

2. Sandigan, Inc. is a non-profit community social services agency funded under United Way, San Francisco Foundation and grants from the City & County of San Francisco. Provided free legal advice on immigration issues, deportation defense, petitioning matters and rights of immigrants.

3. United Filipinos for Equal Employment. Under the CETA program during the President Jimmy Carter Administration. Provided counseling and limited representation to residents with issues covered by the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and as Amended.

4. West Bay Multi-Service Corporation. Participated in the creation of a consolidation of existing community service agencies into one community organization. Help draft proposals for funding to such charitable foundations as the Buck Foundation, San Francisco Foundation, Ford Foundation, etc. The service organization did receive both public funding from the City & County of San Francisco and various private foundations.

5. A past member of the Filipino American Bar Association of Northern California. Provided pro bono legal services for the disenfranchised.

6. Currently, serving on the Advisory Committee of the joint Bay Area World Trade Center (Oakland) and the California State University, Hayward Extended Education International Trade Certificate Program. Provide in put on the development and course content of core courses in the program.

7. A member of the Marines Memorial Association and Marine Corps League.

Presentations and Publications

In the past have written articles on immigration issues that concern the Filipino community in San Francisco and invited to make a presentation before the Congressional Committee on Immigration.

A few of the immigration deportation defense cases were used as benchmark cases based on my written arguments.

Will be traveling to Honolulu, Hawaii to provide documents, photographs and recollection of my father's WWII combat experiences to the survivors of the 1st Filipino Infantry Regiment in the Southwest Pacific Theater of Operations. The Hawaiian group has received a generous grant to produce a documentary film that depict the history of the unit and the "untold stories" of their contribution to the war effort. The documentary film will be presented later in 2001 on the PBS channel. The unit experience parallel the discrimination and unfair treatment imposed upon the famous Japanese-American 442 Regimental Combat Team during WWII. The time and efforts of the survivors and descendants present the "untold stories" would be fitting tribute to all those who served under such unfair conditions.