Spring 2020

Section 4885 of COUN270
Introduction to College -- : Mar 28 - Apr 04 2020

Fall 2019

Section 0598 of COUN10
Student Success-The First Year Experience -- : Aug 20 - Dec 12 2019
The above section is recommended for first generation Latinx students.

Section 3053 of COUN60
Effective Study Workshop -- : Oct 26 - Nov 09 2019
The above section is for students enrolled in the Piner High School/SRJC Early College Magnet Program. After registering through the normal SRJC registration process visit the class homepage for further details.

Monday: Southwest Center 

Tuesday: Santa Rosa campus

Wednesday: Southwest Center 

Thursday: Santa Rosa campus

Friday: Santa Rosa campus 

Sonoma State University

MA Counseling and PPS Credential

UC Irvine

BA Social Psychology, Minor in Spanish