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Spring 2021

Section 4475 of COUN270
Introduction to College -- : Apr 27 - Apr 29 2021
The above section is recommended to High School Jump Start students. This section is taught in a hybrid format in Canvas and has required Zoom meetings on Tuesday 4/27 from 4-5pm and Thursday 4/29 from 4-5pm. Saturday, May 1st students will be meeting one on one with the Instructor, for which details will be provided.

Section 5047 of COUN270
Introduction to College -- : Apr 19 - Apr 25 2021
This section is taught 100% online with no required Zoom component.

Fall 2020

Section 0598 of COUN10
Student Success-The First Year Experience -- : Aug 18 - Dec 10 2020
The above section is recommended for first generation Latinx students. This class will be required to meet Tues/Thurs from 10:30-11:50am in an online format. Details will be given to students by the instructor.

Section 3053 of COUN60
Effective Study Workshop -- : Oct 12 - Nov 01 2020
The above section is for students enrolled in the Piner High School/SRJC Early College Magnet Program. The above section meets entirely online. After registering for this class, click on the section number to find any available online course material.




Sonoma State University : MA Counseling and PPS Credential

UC Irvine : BA Psychology and Social Behavior, Minor in Spanish