Fall 2024

Section 3251 of MA163
Beginning Clinical Skills for Medical Assisting -- : Aug 21 - Dec 11 2024
MANDATORY Orientation and skill pack pick up on Thursday, 8/15 from 9am-12pm, Race Building, 2nd floor, Skills Lab 4044. All registered students will receive an email from Kat Slusser to get instructions on how to order your clinical skills supplies pack, and how to order your ID badges. Please wear the complete uniform to the mandatory orientation as described here Uniform Dress Code Requirements. You will be given your ID badges at orientation.

Spring 2024

Section 5177 of MA165
Pharmacology and Administration of Medications -- : Jan 17 - May 15 2024

Section 5179 of MA174
Intermediate Clinical Skills for Medical Assisting -- : Jan 22 - May 14 2024

No office hours