Fall 2021

Section 0783 of ESL770
Supplemental Instruction: ESL -- : Aug 16 - Dec 03 2021
The section above is for independent, self-paced online ESL study. Your instructor will be available every weekon MW 5:15-6:15pm & TTh 12-1pm to help you with an online program. This is the perfect class for busy people who would like to study online.

Spring 2021

Section 7703 of ESL713
Low Beginning Non-Credit English as a Second Language -- : Jan 20 - May 19 2021
Mandatory Zoom meetings: Zoom meetings will take place for each class session during the days/time(s) listed above. Students are expected to meet on Zoom for the duration of the live session. More details will be provided in the syllabus distributed by the instructor. If a class is closed, please contact Petaluma Assessment Services: (707) 778-3908.

No office hours