Fall 2023

Section 1218 of MEDIA18
Audio for Film Production -- : Aug 30 - Dec 08 2023
This is a late start class. All remaining content will be delivered asynchronously.

Section 1571 of MUSC52
Audio for Multimedia -- : Aug 16 - Dec 06 2023

Spring 2023

Section 5779 of MUSC51A
Digital Audio 1: Fundamentals -- : Jan 18 - May 17 2023

No office hours

Master of Arts-Broadcast & Electronic Communication Arts (BECA), with Distinction

San Francisco State University

Bachelor of Arts-Broadcast & Electronic Communication Arts (BECA), Magna Cum Laude

San Francisco State University

Associate of Arts-Cinema Production

Los Angeles City College

Academic Experience

Courses taught:

Digital Audio I & II: Fundamentals and Multimedia- Santa Rosa Junior College

Advanced Audio for Video- San Francisco State University

Audio Production Basics- San Francisco State University

Introduction to Electronic Communication- San Francisco State University

Video Production- San Francisco State University

360 Video Production- San Francisco State University

Mass Communication- Los Medanos College


Len Haynes brings over 25 years of experience in the music industry to Santa Rosa Junior College. He has had a long career as a music producer, recording engineer, songwriter and electronic musician based in Los Angeles. Over the decades, Len has collaborated, produced and performed with an eclectic variety of musical artists including: Nik Turner (Hawkwind), Lydia Lunch, Damo Suzuki (CAN), Simon House (David Bowie, Hawkwind), Brainticket, DJ Me DJ You, and Gary Numan among others. His songwriting compositions have been featured in various television shows and motion pictures worldwide including: Queer Eye (2005), The Babysitters (2007), and Ocean's 8 (2018) to name a few. 

In addition to teaching Digital Audio courses at Santa Rosa Junior College, Len also teaches Mass Communication, Video Production, and Audio Production courses at San Francisco State University and Los Medanos College. 

Professional Involvement and Community Service

Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI)

Broadcast Education Association (BEA)