Fall 2024

Section 2190 of APTECH45
Basic Drafting Skills -- : Aug 20 - Dec 19 2024

Section 2699 of ENGR25
Engineering Graphics and Design -- : Aug 19 - Dec 11 2024

Spring 2024

Section 5424 of ENGR25
Engineering Graphics and Design -- : Jan 16 - May 16 2024

No office hours

Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering with a Minor in MicroComputers from St. Cloud State University (MN). Some post graduate studies in Quality Assurance and Manufacturing Processes.

I was born in southern California. But was raised in Minnesota. Then moved back to southern California. Now that I've lived in Santa Rosa for several years, I love it.

I've always had an interest in engineering. I graduated at St. Cloud State University (MN) with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering and a minor in MicroComputers. Started work in quality assurance (QA) and development of Computer Aided Design (CAD) software systems. My career has been in Engineering as development, mechanical, manufacturing, (QA), CAD, Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) and management.

I have been an adjunct faculty at Santa Rosa Junior College since 2003 in Engineering/Physics and Applied Technology departments. I have taught Manual Drafting, Engineering Design and Mechanical CAD. I enjoy teaching because of the many people I get to meet during my classes. Many are fun, unique, and enjoyable. Seeing these students gain skills and knowledge makes my day.

I look forward to teaching each session and meeting a whole load of new students and renewing relationships when I see students in later classes. If you want personal contact, use Email or cell phone as the best contacts.

Honors and Awards

Certified Manufacturing Engineer from the Society of Mechanical Engineers (SME).

Certified in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM) from APICS.

Certified Quality Manager (CQM) from American Society of Quality (ASQ).

SRJC Certificate in HTML Web Design