Southern Methodist University
Master's Certificate in Digital Game Development, Level Design
2005 ___ЕЅ█А_К__Ѕ█А_К____Л______ын 2007

Bethel College (TN) (Bethel University)
Bachelor of Arts

Academic Experience: 

Liberal Arts
I am a 6 year veteran of the game industry, with 4 shipped titles. I am a graduate of the Guildhall at SMU, a Masters level game development program. I currently work at Toys for Bob, as a scripter/level designer. Toys for Bob makes Skylanders, a BILLION dollar franchise for Activision.

When not making video games, I spend my time playing them, reading, writing, and chasing other nerdy pursuits.

Professional Areas of Interest: 

Lambda Sigma Sorority

Professional Involvement and Community Service: 


Presentations and Publications: 

Yearbook Editor

Honors and Awards: