Spring 2022

Section 6303 of BIO16
Introduction to Biology For Non-Majors -- : Jan 20 - May 19 2022

Fall 2021

Section 2423 of BIO16
Introduction to Biology For Non-Majors -- : Aug 16 - Dec 08 2021

Summer 2021

Section 8275 of MICRO5
General Microbiology -- : Jun 14 - Jul 22 2021
This is a hybrid class with required in-person meetings. Up to 100% of labs and all exams will occur in person. The dates of in-person meetings on campus will depend on the public health situation throughout the semester. MANDATORY live zoom meetings will occur during the remaining scheduled class sessions. To participate in this class, students must have a computer with reliable internet, webcam, and microphone. Cell phones and tablets won’t suffice.

No office hours

Fall 2021 Office Hours: by appointment and 1 pm Thursdays

BA Music, Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, PA.

MS Biology, California State University, Fullerton, Fullerton, CA.

Keizen (pronunciation) fell in love with classroom teaching at CSU Fullerton, where they studied a bacterial manganese oxidase. They have freelanced as a composer, climbed model bridges with children on field trips at the Exploratorium, and taught wild fermentation at Slide Ranch. After a year of contentment as a chiton, they are now taking students culturing, tidepooling, 'scoping, and counting and measuring again.