Fall 2022

Section 1364 of CS5
Computer Literacy -- : Aug 15 - Dec 09 2022
Recommended for students with an understanding of basic computer operations. For further information, email kthornley@santarosa.edu.

Section 1442 of LIR10
Introduction to Information Literacy -- : Aug 15 - Oct 16 2022

Section 1643 of GD15
History of Graphic Design -- : Aug 15 - Dec 09 2022
For further information email kthornley@santarosa.edu.

Spring 2022

Section 4518 of CS70.11A
Adobe Photoshop 1 -- : Jan 19 - May 20 2022
This section taught using Photoshop CC.

Section 5647 of GD60
Creating the Professional Portfolio -- : Mar 28 - May 20 2022

No office hours

Spring Schedule:

  • GD60: Creating the Professional Portfolio. Wednesdays 6-9:20pm.¬†
  • LIR10 Introduction to Information Literacy. 2 courses.¬†Online.

Fall Schedule:

  • CS70.11A: Photoshop 1. Online.
  • LIR10 Introduction to Information Literacy. Online.

University of Birmingham, UK, BA French/Spanish, 1981
Santa Rosa Junior College, CA, Cert. Graphic Design, 1986
UC Berkeley, CA, Community College Credential, 1989
UC Berkeley, CA, MLIS (Information Studies), 1991

I was born and raised in London, England (still have the accent to prove it) and moved to Santa Rosa in 1982. That Fall, I took my first graphic design course at the JC and quickly discovered what a fascinating subject it was. From there, I pursued a career in graphic design and typesetting. It was at my first job that I encountered my first computer. (It didn't matter that it didn't have a floppy disk drive -- if you did it wrong, you just typed it in again!) We have come a long way since then!

In 1988 I was asked to teach Typography in the Applied Graphics Department. Although I'd always said that I'd never be a teacher, I agreed to give it a try. Many years later, I'm still teaching and still loving it. During those years, I have specialized in desktop publishing, typography, online resources and web design. In 1997, I moved from Santa Rosa to Hong Kong for 2.5 years. Whilst in Hong Kong, I designed and managed an extensive International School website and also taught basic Internet skills and web design. Since my return to Santa Rosa, I have been teaching a wide variety of classes at SRJC including graphic design (page layout and advertising, typography, portfolio), web design (principles of screen design), computer studies (Photoshop 1 and Adobe Acrobat) and information research.

Professional Areas of Interest

Digital page layout and design

Web and interface layout
Photography and photo restoration/retouching using Photoshop

Library research and information