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Spring 2020

Section 4294 of ENGL5
Advanced Composition and Critical Thinking -- : Jan 13 - May 13 2020

Section 4824 of ENGL5
Advanced Composition and Critical Thinking -- : Jan 14 - May 14 2020

Section 4832 of ENGL27
Introduction to Shakespeare -- : Jan 14 - May 14 2020

Section 4834 of ENGL46.2
Survey of English Literature Part 2 -- : Jan 13 - May 13 2020

Fall 2019

Section 0787 of ENGL1A
College Composition -- : Aug 20 - Dec 12 2019

Section 1393 of ENGL14
Dystopian Literature -- : Aug 19 - Dec 11 2019

Section 1687 of ENGL7
Introduction to the Short Story -- : Aug 19 - Dec 11 2019

Section 2322 of ENGL1A
College Composition -- : Aug 20 - Dec 12 2019

Exhausted and brain-dead after ten years of waiting tables full time, I started my career right here at SRJC. Then, though I was a single working-mom and it was tough, I managed to transfer to Sonoma State University, eventually graduating with a B.A. in psychology: mostly Humanistic, lots of Jung, mythology, ecopsychology, and existentialism. Whereas the field of psychology focused mainly on family systems, I was more interested in societal systems and wondered how culture--in particular our "modern" one--shapes our lived daily experience, our very thoughts and dreams. Those questions led me to an M.A. in English, which is a degree that mixes philosophy and art, going beyond the self. I earned my M.A. at SSU, focusing mainly on Modernism, with an emphasis in African American literature and theory.

In September 2010, I earned a PhD in English Literature from UC Davis, specializing in 20th Century American Literature and Technocultural Studies (a branch of modernity theory). My dissertation is entitled "Dark Side of the Machine,...etc., etc.," wherein I examine relationships between technology and race, categories that have tended to remain separate in academia (for extremely interesting reasons, I found out). All of this is to say that I view SRJC as my savior, love it, and am thrilled to be teaching here.

Academic Experience: 

Taught at UC Davis for six years (2002-2008)
UWP 1 (freshman comp). Three years
Enl 3 (Intro to poetry, drama, fiction). Three years

Taught English 99 at SSU

Have taught at SRJC since Fall 06:
Engl 305, 307, 100, 1A, 1B, 5
Learning Communities and Smart Start classes
Humanities 8: Comparative Mythology
Engl 12: Children's Literature
Engl 46.1: Survey of Early British Literature
Engl 30.2: American Literature, 1865-Present

English 14: Dystopian Literature (class I created)

Growing up in L.A. and the San Fernando Valley shaped my sci fi, Blade Runner imagination--an event, it turns out, that would influence the rest of my life. That is, despite having had a baby at eighteen years old, which kept me rather busy, the haunt of L.A. would eventually lead me to my career: a life long study of modernity. And it has been marvelous.

Professional Areas of Interest: 

My first love is teaching, which is deeply related to my other love: being a scholar. My fields of specialization are in American Studies, 20th C. American Literature, and Technocultural Studies, which is to say I'm a theorist of modernity. I'm especially interested in anarcho-primitivism, techno-utopianism, cyberpunk, environmental racism, technopower relations, the impending robot/A.I. apocalypse, and more, so much more--which I'll spare you. Again, it is thanks to SRJC that I can say any of this.


Presentations and Publications: 

"Putting the South in Posthumanism: Signifying Cyborgs in Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man": Florida State University's 2008 Film and Literature Conference
"Premodern Posthumanism: Tracing Technology in Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man": Scholar's Symposium, UC Davis, Dec. 2008
PDA Talk at SRJC: "Teaching in the Machine: Views from a Technoculturalist"

WOLM Lectures at SRJC:

"A Paperweight and Shakespeare: Politics of Aesthetics in Orwell's 1984"
"Off the Grid and Into the World" (on Into the Forest, by Jean Hegland)
"Trickster's Tools: Power and Wit in Their Eyes Were Watching God"
"Dark Side of the Machine in Huck Finn"

Dissertation: Dark Side of the Machine: Race, Technology, and Nonhumanist Beings in Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man, Leslie Marmon Silko's Ceremony, and Cormac McCarthy's Blood Meridian & The Road