Spring 2022

Section 5051 of BIO10
Introduction to Principles of Biology -- : Jan 20 - May 19 2022

Section 5052 of BIO10
Introduction to Principles of Biology -- : Jan 20 - May 19 2022

No office hours

Ph.D. Integrative Biology, UC Berkeley, 2011

B.A. Integrative Biology, UC Berkeley, 2004

A.A./A.S. Santa Rosa Junior College, 2002

I fell in love with biology after I fell in love with kayaking on the ocean... and was wowed by orcas, the amazing world of the intertidal, and the birds that live around the sea. My educational path took me from SRJC to UC Berkeley, where I was introduced to the formal study of animal behavior. Although I focused on marine biology during my undergrad years, I was wooed to Argentina to study the social environment of a little subterranean rodent, the colonial tuco-tuco, for my graduate research.

I have come full circle now, with the opportunity to teach biology at SRJC, where it all began, and I hope to excite the students in my class with the amazing-ness of the natural world. It doesn't get any better than the study of life!

Professional Areas of Interest

Evolutionary Biology/Behavioral Ecology/Animal Behavior with an emphasis on social behavior in animals, Hormones and Behavior, South American Rodents, Marine Biology/Marine Mammals

Bio 10 Text: 'What is Life?, a Guide to Biology with Physiology' (Jay Phelan, 4th edition); you can also get an older edition via Amazon or you can use Campbell's Essential Biology with Physiology. I will only have chapters listed in the syllabus for the What is Life textbook. 

Biology 10 Laboratory Manual, available in the SRJC Bookstore or on Amazon.com (check for current ISBN#)

Regarding Add Codes: If you are interested in adding the class, please email me to see if there is availability.