Fall 2021

Section 0763 of ENGL1A
College Composition -- : Sep 07 - Dec 10 2021
This course section pertains to the Lanzamiento initiative, designed to support academic achievement among Latinx and first-generation college students. Students who enroll in Lanzamiento sections have dedicated resources available to them, including: academic counseling, peer tutoring and success coaching, library support, mental health services, financial aid workshops, and opportunities to learn about transferring to a four-year university. Themes of bilingualism, transnational experiences, immigrant communities, Latinx authorship, academic scholarship, and activism are relevant to the Lanzamiento initiative. More information is available on the Lanzamiento webpage.

Section 3647 of ENGL1A
College Composition -- : Sep 07 - Dec 10 2021

Spring 2021

Section 4273 of ENGL1A
College Composition -- : Feb 01 - May 16 2021

Section 4299 of ENGL5
Advanced Composition and Critical Thinking -- : Feb 01 - May 16 2021

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B.A., English, 1991, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

M.A., English, 1994, Sonoma State University
Emphases in Modern American Literature and Theory & Practice of Teaching Writing

Additional education in conflict resolution, writing creative nonfiction, and literature.

Writing is "like driving a car at night. You can only see as far as your headlights illuminate, but you can make the whole trip that way, you see." --E.L. Doctorow

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When the San Francisco Chronicle described writer Barry Lopez as "the nation's premier nature writer," Lopez responded, "I'm not writing about nature. I'm writing about humanity. And if I have a subject, it is justice. And the rediscovery of the manifold way in which our lives can be shaped by the recovery of a sense of reverence for life." Lopez also said, "Everything is held together with stories. That is all that is holding us together, stories and compassion." --quoted in The Writer's Almanac

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"Craftsmanship should apply to all of life, and [...] its core value is the work itself." --Morris Berman in The Twilight of American Culture