Summer 2023

Section 9572 of SPAN1
Elementary Spanish-Part 1 -- : May 31 - Jul 16 2023
This is an early start section that will meet online at the day(s) and time(s) listed. Students are expected to be present for the duration of these live online meetings. There will be additional course content delivered asynchronously.

No office hours
  • ABD Spanish Linguistics with a Designated Emphasis in Second Language Acquisition, UC Davis
  • MA Spanish Linguistics, UC Davis
  • BA Spanish, UC Davis
  • AA Science, Santa Rosa Junior College
Work and Consulting Experience
  • Adjunct, 2016-present, Santa Rosa Junior College
  • Lecturer, 2014-2018; 2020-present, Sonoma State University
  • Instructor, 2019-present, Columbia College / Yosemite Community College District
  • Instructor, 2016-2019, Mendocino College
  • Teaching Assistant/Associate in Spanish, 2006-2012, UC Davis
  • Computer Lab Supervisor/Manager, 2003-2006, UC Davis
  • Spanish Composition Tutor, 2003-2005, UC Davis
Professional Areas of Interest
  • Second Language Acquisition and Development
  • Second/Heritage Language Pedagogy
  • Technology in language education
  • Advanced L2 literacy development, with specialization in academic writing
  • Functional and educational linguistics
Presentations and Publications

Book chapters

  • Harrington, J. S. (2014). Lingüística de corpus y lingüística sistémico funcional: reflexiones y aplicaciones al CLAE [Corpus Linguistics and Systemic Functional Linguistics: Reflections and Applications]. In N. Ignatieva & M. C. Colombi (Eds.), CLAE: El lenguaje académico en México y los Estados Unidos: Un análisis sistémico funcional.
  • Colombi, M. C., & Harrington, J. S. (2012). Advanced biliteracy development in Spanish as a heritage language. In S. Beaudrie & M. Fairclough (Eds.), Spanish as a heritage language in the US. Washington DC: Georgetown University Press.

Conference and professional presentations

  • Gamberg & Harrington (2018/06/01). “First Fridays: Ideas for Student-to-Student Interactions”. Webinar facilitated by Online Network of Educators (CCC).
  • duPlessis, Liz. (2017/08/25). “Tour of Spanish 1 online with J. Harrington: An interactionist approach.” Interview for Distance Education at Santa Rosa Junior College.
  • Harrington, J. S. (2011). El desarrollo de la literacidad avanzada en el español como segunda lengua: análisis del grupo nominal en la escritura ensayística universitaria [The development of advanced literacy in Spanish as a second language: an analysis of the nominal group in university essay writing]. Presented at the XXIII Congreso del Español en los Estados Unidos y VIII del Español en Contacto con Otras Lenguas, Sacramento, CA.
  • Harrington, J. S. (2010). Towards a Spanish Academic Word List: An SFL+corpus examination of verbal processes. Presented at the International Systemic-Functional Conference, 37, Vancouver, Canada.
  • Harrington, J. S. (2010). Hacia un listado léxico académico en el español: una aproximación LSF+corpus [see above for translation]. Presented at the Colloquium on Latin American and Peninsular Languages, Literatures, and Cultures, Davis, CA.
  • Harrington, J. S. (2009). Sondeando las corrientes: hacia una conceptualización de lengua avanzada [Sounding the currents: towards a conception of advanced language]. Presented at the Colloquium on Latin American and Peninsular Languages, Literatures, and Cultures, Davis, CA.