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Introduction to Sociology -- : Sep 09 - Dec 11 2024
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Summer 2024

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Introduction to Sociology -- : Jun 17 - Jul 28 2024
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Spring 2024

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Introduction to Sociology -- : Jan 29 - May 12 2024
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Introduction to Sociology -- : Jan 29 - May 12 2024
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Introduction to Sociology -- : Jan 24 - May 08 2024
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Introduction to Sociology -- : Feb 12 - May 17 2024
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Introduction to Sociology of Gender -- : Jan 29 - May 12 2024
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Doctorate of Philosophy and Masters of Arts in Sociology, Loyola University Chicago                         

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, Xavier University

Academic Experience
  • Twelve years of innovative teaching and engaging instructional design in sociology courses at colleges and universities in California (since 2006) and Illinois (2005—06).
  • Six years of successful teaching within the California community college system as a motivating, dynamic professor highly adept in diverse educational settings serving students at differing levels of skills, abilities, and backgrounds.

Prior to joining SRJC-Petaluma, I've taught in the San Mateo Community College District (mostly College of San Mateo), the University of San Francisco, and San Francisco State University, among others. In my classrooms I strive to develop collaborative, respectful learning environments of dialogue, interaction, and critical thinking across a diversity of student identities. I also make use of thorough questioning techniques and collaborative learning strategies promoting inclusive learning modalities, strong student engagement, and active learning environments. I'm looking forward to our studies and adventures ahead, and welcome you to my classrooms!

Professional Areas of Interest
  • Qualitative and Ethnographic Methods: My preferred approaches are qualitative and I have used a variety of ethnographic methods in my research projects including participant observation, fieldwork techniques, in-depth interviewing, surveys, coding, and analysis.
  • Quantitative Methods: I have established skills in quantitative strategies including cross-tabulation, logistical regression, path and factor analyses, and mixed-methods approaches.
  • Established Sociological Research Areas: Gender; Sexualities; Social Movements & Media; Queer Movement; Film & Society; Religion & New Religious Movements; Student Engagement. 
Presentations and Publications

I am a member of the American Sociological Association and the Pacific Sociological Association. Some of my presentations at those, and other conferences, include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • May 2016a. Improving Student Engagement in and the Internationalization of Sociology Curriculum. Panel Presentation: 2016 EPIC Symposium (http://ow.ly/oJuK302hICf): Integrating Global Issues into the California Community College Curricula. Stanford University, Stanford, California.
  • August 2014. The Phoenix Rises Again But For Whom? Understanding Super-Gentrification in San Francisco. Panel Organizer: Regional Spotlight Session. ASA Annual Conference, San Francisco, California.
  • March 2012a. New Day Filmmaker and Activist: A New Intersection of Organizational and Activist Identity. Panel Presentation: At the Intersections: Activist and Organizational Identities in Social Movements. PSA Annual Conference, San Diego, California.
  • March 2011. How Does Political Strategy and Artistic Expression Intersect Within Documentary Filmmaking? Panel Presentation: Social Movements: New Approaches to Contemporary Questions. PSA Annual Conference, Seattle, Washington.
  • October 2010. Promising Practices: Course and Program Assessment Tools in the Liberal Studies Program at the Art Institute of California San Francisco. Group Presentation, Gallery Walk: Retreat on Student Learning and Assessment Level II. Western Association of Schools and Colleges, Anaheim, California.   

My publications include the following:

  • 2015. “When Pan Met Wendy” (Reprint) in Religion and LGBTQ Sexualities, Stephen Hunt, Editor. London, United Kingdom: Ashgate Publishing.
  • 2014. “Understanding Super-Gentrification in San Francisco.” Footnotes 42(4):1, 6, 10 (http://ow.ly/XObuf).
  • 2013. “Framing Social Movements Through Documentary Films.” Contexts 12(4):56-8 (http://ow.ly/XOb7K).
  • 2008. “When Pan Met Wendy: The Negotiation and Contention of Gendered Spiritualities Among the Radical Faeries.” Nova Religio: The Journal of Alternative and Emergent Religions 11(4):31–55.
Honors and Awards
  • 2015-16. Fellowship, Education Partnership for Internationalizing Curriculum (EPIC), sponsored by Stanford University in partnership with College of San Mateo and Foothill College (http://ow.ly/J59R30bO9SW).
  • 2015. San Francisco Super-Gentrification, Interviewed by Hanna Ender (http://ow.ly/SXs1w).
  • 2014-15. Distinguished Adjunct Teaching Award, College of Arts & Sciences, USF.
  • 2005. Thesis with Distinction Award, The Graduate School, Loyola University Chicago.