Fall 2022

Section 0519 of HORT91
Landscape Construction/Estimation -- : Aug 18 - Dec 09 2022

Section 1471 of HORT8
Landscape Plants: Summer/Fall -- : Aug 15 - Dec 09 2022

Section 1492 of HORT93
Landscape Drafting and Design -- : Aug 16 - Dec 09 2022

Spring 2022

Section 4059 of HORT12
Landscape Plants: Winter/Spring -- : Jan 19 - May 20 2022
This section has no regularly scheduled Zoom meetings, but may include scheduled zoom office hours. More details will be provided in the syllabus distributed by the instructor.

Section 4240 of AGRI20
Introduction to Plant Science -- : Jan 19 - May 20 2022

Section 4459 of AGRI20
Introduction to Plant Science -- : Jan 19 - May 20 2022

Section 4653 of HORT195
CAD: Landscape Site Plans -- : Jan 20 - May 20 2022

Section 4690 of HORT196
CAD: Advanced Landscape Design -- : Jan 20 - May 20 2022

Section 6069 of AGRI98
Independent Study in Agriculture -- : Feb 14 - May 20 2022

No office hours

Office hours - Fall 2019

IN-PERSON Mondays 12 noon to 1pm. Wednesdays 1pm to 2pm. 
Please sign up in advance on my office door to ensure a spot.

ONLINE or BY PHONE Fridays 10am to 11:30am.

*Note office hours are not held during school closures or holidays

Master of Landscape Architecture. University of Oregon. 2014

Emphasis: Urban natural resource management

Thesis: Connecting the dots: Making tree inventory analysis smarter

Horticulture Coursework. Santa Rosa Junior College. 2006-2010

Bachelor of Arts, Environmental Studies & Planning, Biology Minor. Sonoma State University. 2006

Joel Grogan is a Landscape Architect and Professor of Environmental Horitculture at Santa Rosa Junior College. He has over 13 years of experience in the environmental and landscape field including: riparian vegetation and restoration; urban water conservation; urban forestry; plant identification; and landscape architecture, maintenance, construction and design.

He earned a bachelor's degree in Environmental Studies & Planning from Sonoma State University (2006), and a Master's Degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Oregon (2014), and is a licensed landscape architect, licensed landscape contractor, ISA Certified Arborist, and QWEL-certified. Joel spent much of his childhood playing and exploring along the tree-lined banks of the Sacramento River and is proud to call himself an fifth generation Californian.

Work and Consulting Experience
Owner, Pipevine

CA Professional Landscape Architect

CA Landscape contractor's Lic. #997374 (inactive)

 – Present. Santa Rosa, CA

Landscape, irrigation, and arboricultural consulting, planning, and design.

Technician Aide, Urban Forestry. City of Eugene Department of Public Works

 – . Eugene, Oregon 

CAD Technician, Capital Construction. University of Oregon Facilities

 –  Eugene, Oregon 

Drafted revisions of campus floorplans for space planning, assisted in location and sorting of digital and physical drawings for clients, measured and field verified dimensions for accuracy.

Nursery Manager & Restoration Specialist, Sonoma Ecology Center
August 2010 – June 2011 &  – February 2009. Eldridge, CA.
Managed native plant nursery for production of stock for riparian restoration projects

Performed planning, implementation, maintenance, and monitoring of restoration sites in Sonoma Valley.

Water Conservation Associate, City of Santa Rosa Utilities Department

 –  Santa Rosa, CA