Fall 2020

Section 2911 of COUN10
Student Success-The First Year Experience -- : Aug 17 - Dec 11 2020
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Spring 2020

Section 5781 of COUN270
Introduction to College -- : Mar 07 - Mar 14 2020

Section 7919 of COUN270
Introduction to College -- : Mar 30 - Apr 05 2020


Spring 2020 Schedule


Monday:  9:00am-11:30am; 2:00pm-4:30pm Drop-in Counseling; Student Appointments - Bertolini


Tuesday: 9:00am-4:30pm Financial Aid Counseling - Bertolini


Wednesday: 9:00am-11:30am; 2:00pm-6:30pm Financial Aid Counseling - Bertolini      


Thursday:  9:00am-2:00pm  Drop-in Counseling; Student Appointments - Bertolini


Friday: 9:00am-12:00pm Drop-in Counseling - Bertolini







Master of Arts in Education with a special emphasis in Multicultural Counseling - 2002 San Diego State University 

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology - 2001 California State University, Chico 

Associate of Arts - 1999 Santa Rosa Junior College 



Academic Experience

Santa Rosa Junior College 2014-present

Counselor, tenured faculty

Yuba Community College District 2007-2014
Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOP&S) Counselor
CalWORKS Counselor
Student Support Services/English as a Second Language Counselor

College of the Desert 2004-2007
Upward Bound Counselor
Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOP&S) Counselor




Interview by the Oakleaf Fall 2015

1. Why did you want the position?

I am a graduate of Santa Rosa Junior College!    I worked as an adjunct for ten years in various districts.  I felt this school would be the most desirable to work for.  How fortunate am I to experience nostalgia as I walk around campus…

2. What do you hope to accomplish here?

As second generation Mexican-American most of my experience has been at Hispanic Serving institutions, such as Santa Rosa Junior College, and I will continue to advocate for first generation college students.  My desire is to support the needs of specific populations: Mathematically anxious, reentry, as well as the general population.  

3. How do you relax at home?

Play with my kids, cycling, good food and drink, provocative television programs produced by HBO and Showtime.

4. What was your dream job as a child?

I don’t remember.

5. What is your best college memory?

Sitting in Newman Auditorium waiting for Diane Smith’s Cultural Anthropology class to begin.  She would play world music from indigenous cultures.  Enthralling!

6. What is the sound track to your life?

Music is sacred to me.  I am prepared to give you my top 5 albums while on a stranded island, but this is tough… Every minute of my day is filled from beginning to end with work and family - and it is fast and loud!  So, something Heavy Metal!

7. What is your favorite junk food?

Nacho cheese

8. What is your advice for students currently attending the JC?

Ask lots of questions.  Question everything, applying critical thinking skills.  Also, drink a lot of water and get sleep…

Classes: COUN 96, COUN 60, COUN 270, COUN 80