Summer 2019

Section 8669 of ASTRON12
Astronomy Observational Lab -- : Jul 24 - Jul 27 2019
The first meeting for the above section will be on Wednesday 7/24 from 4-6pm in Rm 2039, Lark Hall. Attendance is mandatory during the entire first class meeting unless prior arrangements have been made with the instructors. The above section then meets from 3pm-midnight on Thursday 7/25 and Friday 7/26 in Rm 2039, Lark Hall, and 5pm-2am on Saturday 7/27 at Lake Sonoma Observing site. Class will also meet from 5pm-2am on 8/1-8/3 (Thursday night- Saturday night) at a Lake Sonoma observing site. Students are responsible for their own transportation to each class meeting. There will be an optional course meeting on Friday 8/9 from 12-12:30pm in Rm. 2039, Lark Hall.

B.S. from University of California, Santa Cruz
M.S. from San Francisco State University