Fall 2023

Section 0545 of COUN10
Student Success-The First Year Experience -- : Aug 15 - Dec 07 2023
This section is part of the APASS Learning Community and will focus on the Asian and Pacific Islander American experience. The course is linked to ENGL 1A Section 3921 which meets in-person Tuesday and Thursday 1:00pm-3:00pm. Please contact Jerry Thao at jthao@santarosa.edu for more information and an add code.

Section 1301 of COUN7
Identity and Cultural Diversity -- : Aug 14 - Dec 08 2023

Summer 2023

Section 8845 of COUN7
Identity and Cultural Diversity -- : Jun 12 - Jul 23 2023
This section is taught 100% online in Canvas with no required Zoom component.

Spring 2023

Section 4645 of COUN7
Identity and Cultural Diversity -- : Mar 27 - May 19 2023
Section 4645 is a late-start 100% Online class taught in Canvas. This class is 8 weeks long, and will begin Monday March 27th. Please contact the instructor for questions.

No office hours

Master of Science, Counseling
San Francisco State University

Bachelor of Arts, History 
University of California, Davis