Spring 2017

Section 5277 of NR75B
Nursing Care of Medical-Surgical and Psychiatric Clients -- : Jan 17 - May 19 2017


75B Clinical on Tuesday & Wednesday at Petaluma Valley Hospital

Classroom Lecture times available in the course syllabus.


Diploma in Nursing, Immanuel Hospital School of Nursing, Omaha, Nebraska

BSN-Midland Lutheran College, Fremont Nebraska

MSN-Emphasis in Education-Nebraska Methodist College, Omaha, Nebraska

Academic Experience: 

Clinical and Classroom Instructor in a traditional and an accelerated BSN program at Nebraska Methodist College, Omaha, Nebraska beginning in 2008. Advanced from Clinical Instructor-Nursing Instructor to Assistant Professor before moving to California in 2015. Adjunct Clinical Instructor SRJC Spring 2016, with Faculty Appointment in Fall 2016