Fall 2022

Section 0645 of ETHST77
Introduction to Ethnic Studies -- : Sep 12 - Dec 09 2022
This is a late start section that is offered fully online.

Section 0659 of ETHST76
Introduction to African-American Studies -- : Sep 12 - Dec 09 2022
This is a late start section that will meet in person at the day(s), time(s), and location listed. There will be additional course content delivered asynchronously online.

No office hours

Jason Seals is an African-centered educator, carrying the tradition of activist-intellectual to address critical systemic issues and empower individuals for personal and social transformation. An Oakland native, Jason has over two decades of experience serving his community locally, nationally, and globally as an educator, thought leader, speaker, and change agent.

Beyond the traditional classroom, Professor Seals facilitates community workshops and professional development trainings on a wide range of topics inclusive of radical healing, anti-racism, parenting/fatherhood, and systems change. Jason is often called upon to provide his expertise as a consultant, curriculum designer, and speaker.

The role that Professor Seals is most passionate about is his role as a father. His love for his own children is reflective in the work he does to rebuild families and communities as a means toward healing and wellness.

Outside of his work, Jason enjoys spending quality time with his children, running, and vibing to an eclectic array of music.