Fall 2019

Section 0100 of ANTHRO2
Cultural Anthropology -- : Aug 19 - Dec 09 2019

Section 0971 of RELS1
Introduction to Religious Studies -- : Aug 19 - Dec 11 2019

Section 3703 of HUMAN8
Comparative Mythology -- : Aug 20 - Dec 10 2019

Spring 2019

Section 6246 of ANTHRO2
Cultural Anthropology -- : Jan 14 - May 13 2019

Section 8167 of HUMAN6
Humanities in the United States -- : Jan 16 - May 15 2019

Section 8616 of HUMAN6
Humanities in the United States -- : Jan 14 - May 15 2019

B.S. (Psychology)San Francisco State University

M.Ed. (Special Education) University of Vermont

Ph.D. (Anthropology and Religious Studies) The Hartford Seminary Foundation

Dr. James Preston has been Professor of Anthropology and Chair of the Religious Studies Program at the State University of New York, Oneonta. He has conducted research on Hinduism in India and among Native American Catholics. Dr. Preston has published numerous books and articles on a wide variety of topics in symbolic anthropology and religious studies. He is presently an adjunct faculty member in several departments at both Santa Rosa Junior College and Sonoma State University. Recently he taught a course on the Quest for Meaning in World Religions at the University of California at Berkeley.

Presentations and Publications: 

Dr. Preston has published a wide range of articles on various aspects of religion in both academic journals and edited books. He has published 4 entries in the Encyclopedia of Religion. His major research has been on Hinduism and Native American Catholic populations. Over the years he has published several books and monographs in the fields of anthropology and religious studies. At present Dr. Preston continues conducting research on the Kahnawake Mohawk reservation near Montreal.

Dr. Preston is a member of the American Academy of Religion, the American Anthropological Association and the Institute of Structural Neuropsychology and Medicine. He has delivered numerous guest lectures in professional organizations and at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, the University of Toronto,the State University of New York at Binghamton, the University of South Florida, and Columbia University, among others.

Honors and Awards: 

Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching, State University of New York