No office hours

M. A. Economics, University of Pittsburgh (1977)
M. A. Philosophy, University of Pittsburgh (1977)

B. A. Economics, California State University, Northridge (1974)
B. A. Philosophy, California State University, Northridge (1973)

Academic Experience

Santa Rosa Junior College
Instructor - Economics
1979 - present

Golden Gate University
Lecturer - MBA Program
1985 - 1989

College of Marin
Instructor - Economics
1980 - 82

Santa Monica College
Instructor - Economics
1977 - 1979

Cerritos College
Instructor - Economics
1977 - 1979

University of Pittsburgh
Teaching Assistant (GSI) - Economics
1975 - 1977

Students may attend any section, but you must take exams with the section in which you are enrolled. Sections have different personalities, and you may visit all of them. If you miss your regular class meeting, go to another section to make-up the lecture material. All sections move at about the same pace.

Online econ students: You are welcome to attend any of the "face-to-face" classes that I teach. You don't need to ask for permission. Just show-up and take a seat!

Information regarding course sections, instructor office hours, and final exam schedules is located on the SRJC website.

Presentations and Publications

Brook Tauzer Lecture Series - Tauzer Lecturer - Award For Teaching Excellence - "Finding Values, Prices, and Happiness in the Dismal Science", February 14, 2013

"Deficits, Debt, and Damnation: A Spiritually Uplifting Lecture on Economics"- Santa Rosa Junior College Professional Development Day - Fall 2009

"Economics - The First Lecture" - Santa Rosa Junior College Professional Development Day - Fall 2005

"The Structure and History of The Federal Reserve System" - Kiwanis Club - March 2000

"Good Policy Requires Good Numbers", Academic Senate Newsletter, March 1999, Volume 2, pp 3

"Failing to Understand the Phillips Curve: A Reply to Warren Brookes" San Francisco Chronicle, May 1988

"An Economic Analysis of Grade Inflation Using Indexing", College and University: The Journal of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers,
Winter 1987, pp 137 - 146

"Policy Prescriptions, Presuppositions, and Unemployment", The American Economist, Spring 1978, Vol. XXII, pp 33 - 36

Santa Rosa Junior College Arts and Lectures Series: "Population: An Interdisciplinary Discussion with Foley Benson and Ron Smith" 1/30/95

Santa Rosa Junior College: Environmental Forum - 1996 Spring, "Economics, Ethics, and Carrying Capacity" 5/15/96

Honors and Awards

Alpha Gamma Sigma Award for Outstanding Instructor Performance, May 12, 1992

Outstanding Contributions As Unsung Hero for Work Done In New Orleans May 2007