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Changes to MLA Style

Because the newest MLA Guidelines just came out in April, you can use either the old style or the current changed style in your papers from here on out. We will discuss these changes today in class (May 9th) but we can also discuss this and how it pertains to Essay 4 when I meet you individually this week. Reminder: Wednesday's class is replaced with individual 20 minute appointments this week.


Gabriel Garcia Marquez Events on Video

You can earn 5 points extra credit for viewing one of these video taped lectures. Just watch and write a summary and submit it to me. Make sure you clearly label which event you watched and the date you watched it.

Persis Karim's talk, "History's Shadow and El Realismogico," on Hundred Years of Solitude:

"Gabriel Garcarquez and the Solitude of Latin America":

Interdisciplinary Bilingual Reading:

You may also view them on the Events page of our WOLM Libguide: