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Advanced Composition and Critical Thinking -- : Jan 29 - May 12 2024

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M.F.A. 1998, Creative Writing, San Francisco State University

B.A. 1994, English (Creative Writing minor), Sonoma State University

Ianthe Brautigan was born in San Francisco at the tail-end of the Beat Era.
Her memoir You Can't Catch Death has been published in the USA, UK, and has been translated into German. You Can't Catch Death has just been optioned by a motion picture company. The screen writer, Alan Sharp ("Rob Roy") is writing the screenplay. Ianthe's work has appeared in Cartwheels on The Faultline and The Poet's Eye: A Tribute to Lawrence Ferlinghetti, in City Lights Books, Antioch Review and will appear in Confrontations. She teaches at Sonoma State University and Santa Rosa Junior College. She's lived in Montana and Hawaii and has resided quite happily in Northern California for over twenty years with her husband and daughter, two cats and an adorable dog, Lolly.

Professional Areas of Interest

Areas of Teaching and Research Emphasis

Creative non-fiction, memoir, and the personal essay; fiction, short story and the novel; composition (including developmental writing); pedagogy of grammar; women writers of the American west; Beat literature (especially Welsh, Spicer, Kyger, Kerouac, and Ferlinghetti circles); Holocaust literature (especially Levi, Ginsberg, and Arendt); and American multi-cultural studies; writing for publication / professional writing.

I am on sabbatical this semester

Presentations and Publications

Book-Length Publications

You Can't Catch Death, Saint Martin's Press, 2000 (motion picture option by Happy Acres Productions; German translation 2003)

Richard Brautigan's Unpublished Writing, Houghton Mifflin, in progress

Storm Queen (a book length project on women physicians), in progress

Contributions to Books and Short Story Publications

Remembering City Lights, The Poet's Eye: A Tribute to Lawrence Ferlinghetti and City Lights Books, City Lights, 1997 (essay)

Kumquat Meringue, Angels on High (short story)

A Book of Her Own: Words and Images to Honor the Babaylan, Elenita Medoza Strobel, Toboli Publishing, 2006 (foreword)

Promises Kept: Yom Hashoah Observance, The Bohemian, 2001 (essay)

To Fathers: What I've Never Said, ed. Constance Warloe, Story Line Press, 2000 (essay)

A Special City, ed. Martin Tucker, Confrontations, spring 2008 (essay)

Found Money, Cartwheels on the Faultline: An Anthology of Sonoma County Writers, ed. Barbara Baer and Mareen Jennings, Floreant Press, 1996 (short story)

You Can't Catch Death, The London Telegraph, 2001 (excerpted)

Book and Radio Reviews

Radio: Water: The Fate Of Our Most Precious Resource, Marq de Villiers, KRCB

Radio: Wine & War, Pete and Don Kladstrup, KRCB

Book: The Secret of M. Dulong, Colette Inez, Antioch Review

Book: Untold Stories, Alan Bennett, Antioch Review

Book: The Good Fight Continues: World War II Letters from the Abraham Lincoln Brigade, Peter N. Carroll, Michael Nash, and Melvin Small, Antioch Review

Book: Red, Terry Tempest Williams, Santa Rosa Press Democrat

Book: Edgewater Angels, Sandro Meallet, The Bohemian

Honors and Awards

Teaching Awards

Santa Rosa Junior College, Outstanding Adjunct Award, 2007

Sonoma State University, Teaching Award, Student Ambassador Club, 2007