Spring 2022

Section 7763 of PHIL6
Introduction to Philosophy -- : Jan 19 - May 20 2022
Zoom meetings will take place for each class session at the days/time(s) listed. Students are expected to be online with functioning internet, mic, and/or camera for the duration of the live session.

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B.A. Philosohy, M.A.Philosophy, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Why study philosophy?

Now, that is a philiosophical question! Note the word why. It examines a presupposition, that the study of philosophy may have some value. Philosophy trains the student to examine presuppositions. You'll find yourself able to ask (and even answer) questions that others haven't considered.

Como y porque.  How and why. The person who knows how will work for the one who knows why. That is one answer sometimes offered when investigating the presupposition that philosophy has value. There are other such disclosures, and you'll develop your own view, comparing it with the great thoughts in an historic conversation, on the subjects of reality, truth, and value.

How about this classic answer: the love of wisdom? "Philo" means love, and "sophia" is wisdom. You might agree. If so, you'll carry this awareness, this ability with you as you act in the world.

I was inspired by some major figures at the University of Michigan while earning my B.A. and M.A. I've been teaching Critical Thinking and Introduction to Philosophy at SRJC since 1990. I think I'm getting good at it, and look forward to passing the experience and its values along to you.


Gordon Black