In Massachusetts, I worked on the campus of Cambridge Rindge & Latin, just next to Harvard Square. My work there was combined with projects and collaboration at the University of Boston, Bunker Hill Community College, Harvard School of Education, and MIT. Students' growth and elevation to the next stage of their learning careers has always been a focus of my work.

I also served as director of county library systems on the East Coast and as assistant director in Napa County. Working with students of all ages, whether to learn English as a Second Language or the intricacies of various databases, the light of discovery and sense of reward from "knowing" in someone's eyes is just its own joy.

My interest in linguistics started early; my Bachelor's is in modern languages, linguistics, and English. French, Portuguese, and Spanish languages have been integral to my own learning and to working with populations for whom these were first languages. My doctoral work at U Mass/Amherst was centered on multiculturalism and its many facets as learning opportunities. But, I left the state and my program, taking with me the knowledge and experiences I was fortunate to be part of. One of those was as a researcher for a book on the Cosby Show that was published to a bit of hoopla. A real learning experience!

In Napa County, I worked on programming for students of every level, including adults, and was responsible for all public desks in the system. We often had programs that drew students from San Francisco, Sonoma, Solano, or even further. Learning is a wonderful thing and I am happy to be at SRJC and working with students and faculty here!

Honors and Awards: 

Outstanding Librarian for Literacy, California Library Association, 2004

Collection Development Roundtable Chair, CLA, 2004, 2005, 2006

Outstanding Librarian Leader, SCLA, 2002

State Library Association President, SCLA, 2001

Beta Phi Mu honor society President, 2000

Welcome! I hope to be able to be just the instructor you've been wanting to work with! I am passionate about teaching and learning; if you're not, you can be. The high standards I set will translate to real learning on your part and value that will be with you forever.