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Antioch University -Los Angeles
Master of Fine Arts, Creative Writing

Sonoma State University
Bachelor of Arts, English with Creative Writing Emphasis
Minor, Communication Studies

Santa Rosa Junior College
Associate of Arts

Academic Experience

Mendocino College
Professor of English

Santa Rosa Junior College
Writing Center Assistant
English Instructor

Contra Costa College
College Skills Center Instructor
English Instructor

California Culinary Academy
Written Communications Instructor

I love community college students. There is something about the demographics of a classroom that makes for all sorts of fun, and yes, even learning. I prefer a classroom full of students who have opinions they are willing to share, a group of respectful disagreements and lots of laughter. I especially love when a student who doesn't usually talk much feels comfortable enough to share their insight.

Okay, a few details:
I attended SRJC myself three or four times until I finally managed to get interested enough in my education to make it through entire semesters without dropping all my classes (or just blowing everything off and earning F's). Statistically speaking, I should never have graduated at all. I'm a first generation college student: neither of my parents went to college. (In fact my father ran off and joined the circus rather than finish high school.) Yet, here I am with three degrees. So much for statistics!

Professional Involvement and Community Service

Certificate of Completion: Center of Urban Education Equity Initiative

Mendocino College President's Award