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Bachelor's Degree from Brigham Young University
Major: Psychology
Minor: Dance
Masters Degree from Brigham Young University
Major: Pedagogy
Minor: Latin American Literaturee
Hola. I am from Santa Rosa, California. At the age of 15 my family moved to Edinburgh, Scotland where I lived for several years, finishing high school at George Herriot High. It was also during this time that I fell in love with languages and people from many different cultures. I spent some time in Spain but actually never studied Spanish until college. After my 3rd year of college, I moved to Argentina for a year and a half and learned Spanish for the first time. I came home,graduated in Psychology and worked in Social Work with Hispanic children for 4 years. I then began my Masters Degree in Spanish Pedagogy and Latin American Lit. I graduated in 2000. I worked full-time as a Spanish teacher at Cardinal Newman High School while teaching part-time at SRJC. Four years ago I was finally able to quit my full-time job and have been working evenings here at the JC ever since.
I love everything about Spanish and the wonderful Hispanic people from all over the world. I love my students and truly love teaching. I look forward to being your instructor.