Fall 2021

Section 3239 of MATH27
Precalculus Algebra and Trigonometry -- : Aug 17 - Dec 09 2021
The above section meets in person TTh 6-8:30pm. Requires a graphing calculator without a computer algebra system (CAS) and accessing online material or software. Canvas is not used. The final exam will be in person.

Spring 2021

Section 5086 of MATH1B
Calculus, Second Course -- : Jan 20 - May 20 2021
The above section requires a graphing calculator with computer algebra system (CAS), a webcam activated during class and exams, and access to specific technology or apps/software. Lecture/class activities will occur during scheduled class times and attendance is REQUIRED. Canvas is not used.

No office hours

Gale Bach

Mathematics Department Santa Rosa Junior College


Summer Schedule 2021

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